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    Stocking a 38 Gallon Bow Front

    Hi. I am hoping to get some input on a new possible stocking plan. It's a 38 gallon bow front with a Penguin 200 Bio Wheel Filter. Approx. dimensions are 24" tall, 30" long and 14" deep (splitting the difference between the sides and the center bow). I have a 200 Watt heater, sand substrate and...
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    Beginner Seeking Advice on Stocking 38 Gallon Bow Front

    Greetings. I am a newbie seeking advice on stocking a Marineland 38 Gallon Bow Front tank (tall rather than long) with a Pengiun 200 filter and aquarium sand substrate. I have an initial list that might be too heavy. I would really appreciate some feedback on the overall pairings and any...
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