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  1. jamie carmichael

    Help New Tank Gone Downhill Really Quick

    So I have a IM20 fusion with 20lbs of live rock and sand. I set this tank up around a month or two ago and things seemed to be really good at first. I initially bought a firefish which was so timid it was crazy. It would never come out and to this day it was never freely out. After a month I...
  2. jamie carmichael

    Ammonia,nitrate,nitrite Levels On A Cycling Tank

    So I just tested my water after one week and here are the results, I would much appreciate it if you guys could tell me if these are good or bad. It turns out I was testing the water incorrectly for the past couple of days as I hadn't read the instructions. Anyways, ammonia was around 1.0ppm...
  3. jamie carmichael

    Nano Fish/inverts For 3 Gallon Tank?

    Im thinking of setting up my empty 3 gallon up as a sort of mini reef as soon as my other tank is done cycling. I have a lot of left over rock and sand. I was wondering what fish (probably none but just curious) or inverts would work? Ive got lighting sorted out too. Thanks!
  4. jamie carmichael

    Filter Media During Cycle

    Do I need to replace filter floss or clean sponges etc.. during the tank cycle (sorry if its an obvious question I want to make sure I get this right). Also when do I do a water change when the tank is cycling. Ammonia is currently around 0.25-0.50ppm. The filter floss is kinda dirty but I dont...
  5. jamie carmichael

    Help Evolution Aqua Reef Balls

    So I bought this product today to cycle my new reef tank (im20). I put 3 balls in the rear compartment however, I believe 2 got sucked up and squashed. I added another 2 to the display and moved the other one to the display too. I had to switch off the aio pump as the balls would get dragged to...
  6. jamie carmichael

    Microbubbles All Around My Tank

    So I setup my tank and filled it with water and everything yesterday and since its been filled theres been microbubbles all around the back panel of the tank and some on the glass panels. I was wondering if this is bad? what is causing this? and how can I get rid of them? Thanks!!
  7. jamie carmichael

    Aqua Knight A029 Setup

    So a few days ago I received my aqua knight led from amazon for my IM20 fusion and I have been playing around with it but being a newbie I have absolutely no idea which setup will be best for growing corals as in colour and intensity. I have planned to put the blues on full for the last 2 hours...
  8. jamie carmichael

    Jamie's Im20 Build!

    The tank has finally arrived after weeks of deciding between tanks and looking for the bets possible deal! Thanks to all of you guys! Edit : build thread starts in October, page 15 lol.
  9. jamie carmichael

    Nicrew Led Lights?

    Has anyone tried out these lights : NICREW Super Bright LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Blue and ... | eBay Would they be able to grow all softies/ lower light lps corals? This won't be permanent only for around 6 months max till I have enough for an AI prime HD. Thanks a lot
  10. jamie carmichael

    Fritz Fritzzyme Turbostart 900?

    Has anyone had any experience with this product or the less concentrated version? I was wondering if this may need an ammonia source such as a fish in order to cycle a tank or you simply add it to your aquarium and wait for the cycle to be done with. I have seen some bacteria products where it...
  11. jamie carmichael

    Coldwater Marine Fish?

    I have no intention of setting up such a tank - if it even exists - but was just wondering if there are any marine fish that are available in the hobby and would not mind cooler temperatures. Thanks!
  12. jamie carmichael

    Car Guys/girls?

    I am a huge car addict and would like to know if any other aquarists out there have love for cars too. I've heard that weirdly these two hobbys are linked but there's only one way to know. Btw any car guys I don't mind I have respect for all cars but my personal favourite my dads 07 e63 amg...
  13. jamie carmichael

    Beginner Marine Aquarist - I Know It Is Often Asked But I Have Quite A Few Questions.

    I was wondering what sort of technical equipment I might need such as powerheads and whether they are necessary or not. I want to setup a FOWLR tank and would like it to be relatively small no more than 30 gallons. Also I was wondering if an RODI machine is necessary as I don't have any pet...

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