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  1. Maikeer

    Big spots on my dwarf gourami

    Just one, a smaller “Neon Blue” dwarf. I think they are both Trichogaster lalius.
  2. Maikeer

    Big spots on my dwarf gourami

    My fish is acting normally but I can see two big spots on one side, and some sort of redness at the mouth. Any ideas what this could be?
  3. Maikeer

    Corydoras Photos

    I do not know for sure if these cories are accurately labeled by the LFS, but they sure were adorable, sitting in a row as I walked by the tank. I almost took them all home.
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  5. Maikeer

    50 Gallon Tank Filter Recommendation - Acrylic Tank?

    Thanks everyone, very helpful! As soon as my new stand gets here after New Year, I can get going, including transferring the fish from my current 40-gallon SeaClear tank. :nailbiting: I didn't think that a HOB would fit in that rear opening of my new Clear-for-Life tank, but it looks like it...
  6. Maikeer

    50 Gallon Tank Filter Recommendation - Acrylic Tank?

    Not sure how, but Santa somehow managed to get this 50-gallon aquarium through the chimney last night. He didn't leave a filter in my stocking, and so I have been doing a little research this morning. With the partially enclosed top of this tank, it appears that a HOB solution - which would...
  7. Maikeer

    Thinking About Buying This Stand (50 Gallon Tank)

    Really appreciate the thoughts everyone. I am now likely to get this aluminum stand. It seems to have the right dimensions and at about $300, it is significantly cheaper than the oak stand from the tank manufacturer that I was about to buy. I have never heard of aluminum for aquarium stands...
  8. Maikeer

    Thinking About Buying This Stand (50 Gallon Tank)

    I recently purchased a 50-gallon acrylic "Clear for Life" tank, and it is arriving soon. The tank has dimensions of 36 x 15 x 20, and it has been a little difficult to find a stand that fits and can handle the weight of this relatively tall and narrow tank. I lack both the skills and time for...
  9. Maikeer

    Clear For Life - Acrylic Tanks?

    Thanks for the insight, Galathiel!. Which filtration system are you using with your 46-gallon bowfront? My old SeaClear has the built-in Eclipse system, and so I will need to get something new.
  10. Maikeer

    Clear For Life - Acrylic Tanks?

    I'll probably end up buying online from Petco, Petsmart, or Amazon. I was hoping to find a brand that doesn't have have the cutouts on the top, but SeaClear and Clear-for-Life seem to be the only games in town. I am intrigued by the interesting dimensions of this hexagon aquarium, including...
  11. Maikeer

    Clear For Life - Acrylic Tanks?

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have been thinking of buying this aquarium, or perhaps the 55-gallon Clear-for-Life 55-gallon tank. I really don't like the idea of the cutouts. My old Seaclear tall 40-gallon tank, which I want to replace, has an open top. I asked my LFS about the...
  12. Maikeer

    What's The Deal With Ottos?

    My otos have never shown any interest in the sinking algae pellets either. I see our mollies and platies poking at them on the bottom, but not the otos. I'm going to try the toasted seaweed suggestion.
  13. Maikeer

    Molly Fry - When To Release Into Tank?

    Yikes. I just saw six more babies from the the big female molly, hiding in the plants, to go along with the earlier group of five. I had room in the tank for the original five babies to grow in. But the future is clear, and it's time to rehome the females, per TexasDomer's suggestion. I...
  14. Maikeer

    Molly Fry - When To Release Into Tank?

    I'm concerned about contracting Multi Tank Syndrome, but after watching our Dalmation Molly's babies quickly go from about ten (when we first noticed the fry hiding in plants) to five, I just had to try and save some of them. I set them up in a little floating tank with a piece of plant that...
  15. Maikeer

    Molly Bullying Corys

    Feeding time is always interesting in my tank. I have two particularly ravenous mollies - one female and one male - who are always trying to push aside the corys from food at the bottom of the tank. They even eat algae wafers left for my otos. Perpetually hungry. Fortunately they don't...
  16. Maikeer

    Giving Up On Otos

    I have been putting an algae wafer in the water to supplement the diet of my two remaining otos (trying to decide whether to try again with a larger group). One problem - my three ravenous mollies love the wafers!
  17. Maikeer

    Black Skirt Tetra Trouble

    Very true. We have five black skirt tetras and one white skirted one and they school.
  18. Maikeer

    Help Neon Problem

    I have five black skirts and they are not the least bit aggressive toward my neons (or any other fish in the tank). Maybe two or three more would do the trick.
  19. Maikeer

    Fish Feeder For Vacations

    I used this inexpensive, low-tech solution myself when I went on a trip to Europe last year. It worked reasonably well, from what I could tell. I tested it before I left. It helps to use a pellet-type food to minimize moisture issues that might clog everything up. This kind of food tends to...

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