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  1. GAguayo

    Guava leaves

    My dad has some guava trees out back and I read they can be added into shrimp tanks to help with all sorts of good things. My question is does species of guava matter? Here's pictures of the leaves of the fruit for refrance. And yes their toxin free.
  2. GAguayo

    What am i doing wrong!?

    Ive been fighting BBA algae a while now. Thesee are my lights. Parameters: pH 7.0 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Phosphate 10 PPM (maybe more) My tank is about 16-18 inches deep, i dose KH2PO4, Iron Chelate, KNO3, and traces every other day GH booster weekly after WCs I inject gas and up...
  3. GAguayo

    Another algea question

    What do Green Spot Algea, Black Bead Algea, and a green bushy furry algea have in common? I can't seem to kill them and they all seem to be happening I'd also prefer not to keep dosing excel to try and kill it all.
  4. GAguayo

    Nerite on its back

    Hi, I recently purchased 4 nerites for my 20 gallon and they were fine for the first day or so but now they all on their backs and they come out of the shell but don't right themselfs. I've tried righting them myself but they just end up on their backs again my parameters check out my ph is in...
  5. GAguayo


    Okay so I I'm loke 99.9% sure I have hydra. I'm trying to breed some Rillis I got off a friend and I don't know how to kill hydra. I'm to paranoid yo use dog dewormer since I have no way to measure it and I have no other tank to house my fish and shrimp so i can scald the hydra to death. Any...
  6. GAguayo

    Paintball Can

    So I wanted to run a CO2 set up using a paintball can and my LFS sells a set up but it's like 135 what would I need so I can see if maybe I can get it cheaper than the full 135. 20g *finally* planted 6 platies 2 dwarf Gourmies 3 otos Bamboo shrimp
  7. GAguayo


    Do I blanch them or just add them raw? One of my otos has tummy trouble (getting a bit bloated) and i heard peas might help. 20g *finally* planted 6 platies 2 dwarf Gourmies 3 otos Bamboo shrimp
  8. GAguayo

    Algea for the otos?

    I hear otos do well in groups of 6 or more so i want to get 3 more. But as it is im not sure much algae grows in my tank but i do supplement with veggies any idea how i can make more algae grow?
  9. GAguayo

    Asasin snails

    I've tried cutting the feeding, aquarium salt (hey it was worth a shot), and a few shrimp to reduce excess food. I have a 20 gallon so I was considering 4 asasin snails but I hear they can also reproduce asexually. Would they also end up annoying me? I want to try to wipe out the snails because...
  10. GAguayo

    Bamboo or flower shrimp

    So my neighbor was moving and she gave me some shrimp (flower and bamboo not sure which is which yet) she got a few days ago since this move was aparantly very last minute. So when I woke up today I found one on its side when I touched it to make sure it wasn't dead it reacted very fast and swam...
  11. GAguayo


    I felt bad feeding my fish only flake food so i got this >Hikari Sinking tablets for loaches and inverts >Hikari Algea Wafers >Spirunela Algea >Tetra Color enhancing food >Frozen cubes of blood worms >Assortment of vegi's (peas, cucumber, zucchini, potato) How should i vary feeding them...
  12. GAguayo

    Copper meds

    So i hit the first snag on the line with fish and my little guys got Ich i went to my LFS and they sold me a seachem copper based medicine i heard once to much can hurt fish so i used slightly under the perscribed ammount but then i read that it can also affect plants. Currently this what i have...
  13. GAguayo

    Where to put my light?

    I have a light that I can move freely as it just kinda sits on top of the tank and i think it's best I move it since my anacharis is at the water line and my Baby tears is growing up not out the grass is starting to spread but what do you guys think? I can't put it smack in the middle because...
  14. GAguayo

    Algea and otos

    So my otos don't really like algea wafers but with the anacharis in my tank there's not much algea growing in here anymore my water Chem is perfect so I never though I'd complain about clean water but what will they eat now? 20g *finally* planted 5 platies 2 dwarf Gourmies 3 otos thinking of shrimp
  15. GAguayo

    Other kinds of food

    Okay so i have 5 Platies 2 dwarf gourmies and 3 Otos I feel bad feeding them only flake food and algea pellets. What other foods would you give them? Ive heard cucumber would be nice so i do that once in a while. Whats a good flake food that will really help them show off their colors?
  16. GAguayo

    Okay so i goofed with HG and baby tears

    I didnt know you had to divide the plants to help them carpet so i just planted the big chunck clay and all but now that i know i want to remove them and break them up Theyve been in the tank like 4 days now so is this a good idea. Pulling them up will most likley cause the clay to cloudy up my...
  17. GAguayo

    The couldren

    Okay so. I purchased plants for my tank and i got 3 Bunches of Anacharis 2 Cabomba 2 pots of Dwarf Hair Grass and 1 pot of Baby Dwarf Tears (my sister says the names make the plants sound like potion ingredients) Anyway Im using this light A Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light...
  18. GAguayo

    Cabomba and anacharis

    Today I purchased a few bunches of cabomba and anacharis for the background and 2 pots of dwarf grass and one of baby tears to cover the floor. The potted plants had a sort of mud on them and I buried their roots in the substrate but the cabomba and anacharis were just steams and they had a...
  19. GAguayo

    DIY CO2 Diffusing

    I want to do a DIY Co2 set up but I can't find a good diffuser (the glass ones need to much pressure and air stones have big holes aperantly) so would it be a good idea if I cut a small hole in the filter intake and feed piping into the filter I saw some people use tiny internal filters for...
  20. GAguayo

    Dear sweet evil petco....

    Any ideas on how to exterminate snails and not hurt fish? I was sold evil little cretins with some elodea....

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