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  1. stella1979

    Little Blue Guppy Interview

    I saw @LittleBlueGuppy wants to be interviewed.:) I've wanted to visit Oregon for a very long time.:p Are you coastal? How do you get down with nature? Do you like The Goonies? (I'm old.:p) Yay! You're a bookworm!:D:D:D Favorite fiction and non-fiction?
  2. stella1979

    Muriatic Acid / Seiryu Stones

    Hey guys! Some of you may remember my beloved betta Sam, who sadly passed several weeks ago. I can think of no better way to honor him than to keep on keeping on with this little 7.5-gallon freshwater cube. I should probably wait to post this because the tank is not yet ready for its next...
  3. stella1979

    Spacey Stuff :p

    So... took a little vacay and visited Kennedy Space Center! This is gonna take a few posts because I've got lots of pics. I'll try to keep the text to a minimum. The day of arrival it was a little late to head over to KSC and it was raining, so what better to do than drive around looking for...
  4. stella1979

    Great Deals On Driftwood :)

    Hey folks. I'm building a vivarium and purchased one large, gnarly, really excellent piece of driftwood at a reptile expo for a great price... and was later in the position of looking for more of that exact wood type. The piece I have is sandblasted grapewood by ZooMed to be specific, and in...
  5. stella1979

    Where To Buy Hardscape For Reptile Enclosure

    Hi guys! I'm hoping some of you reptile enthusiasts can tell me your favorite site for buying things like driftwood and cork pieces. See, I think I've found a great one for buying wood, but they don't sell cork... and I'm just sick and tired of paying for shipping several times. For...
  6. stella1979

    Stella And Jo's Gecko & Terrariums

    Another critter stole our hearts today. Fishlore family, I would like to introduce you to our new Crested Gecko, who we are tentatively calling Pan for now. Pan, in reference to the ancient Greek god of wild nature, (because Pan's official owner, my boy Jo, is a big fan of Rick Riordan's...
  7. stella1979

    Birthdays : D

    I thought it might be fun to start a thread where we could wish members a happy birthday. I see us as a kind of family here on the forum and would like a place to send birthday wishes to those that share or otherwise announce their birthdays. Now, I think that many of you are probably like...
  8. stella1979

    R I P Beloved Curious George

    What to do when your fishy heart is broken? Come here, of course, where I have found friends and unbelievable support through the hard times. Curious George was a fantail goldie who was a gift given 7 years ago to my son when he was 4 years old. Yes, George was his, but he was also mine. I...
  9. stella1979

    Salty Critter Id Sources

    The answer to a saltwater critter ID question may often be aiptasia, bristle or spaghetti worms, sponges, or tunicates. However, after a little time in this hobby, we realize that the critters that may find their ways into our tanks are innumerable. The ocean is vast and there is still so much...
  10. stella1979

    Betta Bump

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping that some of our Disease & Betta experts see this today. Meet Sam, my beloved betta. Here's his tank. My tap water is pretty foul, so I don't use it. Sam's tank uses RO water which I carefully remineralize before doing his weekly 40% water changes. Products used for...
  11. stella1979

    Culprit Interview

    @Culprit - It's your turn bud. If you were gifted an all expense paid trip to any location within the U.S., where would you go and why?
  12. stella1979

    Stella's Orchid Hobby

    Hey Guys! Long ago, in an apartment not too far away, I had a little orchid garden on my tiny upstairs porch. Then, a child came along, we moved, and orchids were neglected until I gave them away, hoping the next person would be a better caretaker than I was at the time. Recently, my old...
  13. stella1979

    Please Help A Shrimp Newb :)

    Hi all! I am pretty ignorant where freshwater shrimp are concerned, but have been trying my hand at planted tanks and wanted some little lawnmowers. Amano shrimp to the rescue. I just purchased a few of these guys yesterday, but one doesn't look just like the others. The spots on the sides...
  14. stella1979

    Moderators Online?

    Hi I rarely need to contact a mod, but I was just wondering if there's a way to find out which mods are online at a given time? I have had a question or two in the past and have resorted to contacting the only mods I can ever remember... Lucy & Coradee
  15. stella1979

    Betta Suddenly Lethargic

    Hey all... So, I posted about this a bit on my betta build thread, but am hoping it's okay to start this new one in case it will gain more traction or get a larger response. My betta is named Sam and I've had him just under 3 months. He's my very first betta, and was purchased from a very...
  16. stella1979

    T5 Users - Check This Out :)

    Looks like some of these bulbs last a little longer than we thought. What'cha think @HarryPotter
  17. stella1979

    Stella Got A Betta

    Yay! This is my very first betta, and I am so excited!!! So many of you have lifted my spirits this week after a sad loss, so here comes lots 'o' tags. @Donnerjay @xiholdtruex @Nanologist @grantm91 @Nart @Culprit @Lchi87 @AngelTheGypsy @JRS @Punkin @Reeferxbetta I doubt many of you know that...
  18. stella1979

    Sterilizing Substrate And Hardscape???

    Hi all, I've had some major trouble over the last several months with my 20g long planted tank. The safest thing for me to start fresh, but I'd like to preserve what I can. The tank is modified to be an all in one closed system, so no external filter. I know I can clean the tank, pump, and...
  19. stella1979

    Stella's 20g Long - Freshwater Edition

    Hi everyone! So.... this tank has another thread already, but it sure is a sad one. Some of the folks tagged below may remember this thread - Stella's 20g Long Community - V 2.0 - but it's just too depressing for me to keep using. Let's just say that my first attempt at a community tank...

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