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    Do Ladybugs Eat Springtails?

    gonna make a nano terrarium and was wondering if springtails and lady bugs can co-exist or will the lady bugs eat them?
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    Whats Your Go To Algae Wafer?

    I"ve been using Omega One Veggie Rounds and no fish i've had seems to eat them. Even mystery snails would let them sit there. Only my african dwarf frogs would really eat them. What wafers do you feed? I paid 12.99 for 4.2 oz at my LFS and the front package says: Omega One Veggie Rounds Natural...
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    2 Or 3 Large Cichlids For 55 Gallon Tank?

    looking for suggestions for a type of cichlid that gets big but can live in a 55 gal. Has natural but interesting coloration (green/brown preferred) and can live as a pair or maybe a trio. i am thinking about keyhole cichlids but any other suggestions would be extremely helpful. Tank mates will...
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    Help I Thought These Were Bullet Proof... Mts Colony Dying!

    idk why but im sure my mts colony is dying off. i've got mystery snails in the same tank and they seem to be doing fine. as well as my paradise fish and siamese algae eater that share the same tank. not gonna lie i've been lax with the water changes over the holidays but i assumed i would see...
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    Question How Would You Feed This 20 Gal Aquarium???

    im looking for suggestions for a new feeding schedule. What would you feed and how often? My set up is a 20 gallon long bare bottom tank. Driftwood & Lightly planted with anubias and java fern. inhabitants are: 5 mystery snails 5 african dwarf frogs small colony of malay trumpet snails 7...
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    What Can I Feed African Dwarf Frogs Besides Frozen Blood Worms?

    Had the frogs for about a week now. but i notice a cube of frozen blood worms is way to much food even with my betta helping them eat it. also i was told only feeding them blood worms can cause health problems. so does anyone have any suggestions on what else i can feed them???
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    Can I Add 1 Bristlenose Pleco And 5 Dwarf Frogs To My 20 Gal Long?

    currently my 20 gal long has 1 black paradise fish (betta size), 1 siamese algae eater, 5 mystery snails, and a small colony of trumpet snails. can i add 1 or 2 bristnose plecos and 5 dwarf frogs to the tank? i had 3 dwarf frogs before in the tank but unfortunately they got caught in the filter...
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    Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow & Curling. Help!

    So a couple weeks ago a co-worker gave me about a foot and half length stem of pothos in a cup. it had no roots but the leaves where white & green and looked healthy. I put the pothos stem in my HOB filter and draped the leaves over the top of my tank but not directly under the lights. 2 weeks...
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    Will A Breeding Pair Of Kribs Harass African Dwarf Frogs And Mystery Snails???

    i have a 20 long with 5 african dwarf frogs and 7 mystery snails. i was thinking about adding a m/f pair of kribs to the tank. i've had kribs in the past and loved their personalities but they seemed to go after any fish i had with them. will they tolerate dwarf frogs and mystery snails??? The...
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    Could Cherry Shrimp, Mystery Snails & African Dwarf Frogs Live And Breed In A 20 Long Together?

    got a 20 long set up with 7 mystery snails and 2 dwarf frogs. i want to add 5 more frogs and 20-30 cherry shrimp. i know the mystery snails will breed but will the cherry shrimp breed and survive with african dwarf frogs?
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    Whats The Lowest Temp I Can Keep A Siamese Algae Eater?

    just added one SAE to my planted 20g long that isnt heated. i have a heater in the tank but i have it set to off since its summer. im watching temp but whats the lowest they can be kept at?
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    African Dwarf Frogs, Panda Cories & A Betta In 20g Long?

    Tank is Decently planted and im running a 40g hob with sponge prefilter. I just have a school of 10 cories in it currently. wanted to try out some dwarf frogs for first time and add a betta for extra flair. can it work? Thoughts?
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    Pea Puffer Fish In A 55g Community?

    was wondering if anyone had experience keeping a small group of pea puffers (5 or 6) in a community tank? i currently have a well planted 55g with jungle val, wisteria, annubias, floating dwarf water lettuce, the works. my fish stock is 2 bolivian rams, 20 bloodfin tetras, and 10 panda cory...
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    1 Bristlenose Pleco & 1 Blood Parrot Cichlid In A 20 Long?

    wondering if i can keep 1 bristlenose pleco and 1 blood parrot cichlid in 20 long. i want 2 nice size cool looking fish and settled on those 2 species. They will be the only occupants. any thoughts or suggestions for tank set up?
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    Help! Need Aquarium Safe Body Lotion & Soap Suggestions!

    i get dry skin alot, use public transportation and work in less then sanitary conditions sometimes. Just looking for some suggestions for lotion and soap that is aquarium safe. basicly when i get home i would like to shower up then hit the fish room without worrying about contaminating my tanks...
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    Best Fish To Live In 10g Quarantine Tank?

    Finally decided to set up a quarantine tank. looking for easy and super hardy fish to keep in a 10g quarantine tank to maintain the cycle. so far im thinking 6 feeder guppies or 6 zebra danios. any other suggestions? the plan is to just let it sit and do weekly 50% water changes until i get more...
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    Are Corydoras Hardy Enough To Live With A School Of Tiger Barbs???

    i have 15 tiger barbs in a 55. can i add a school of 15 albino cory cats? wondering if the corys are hardy enough to live with tiger barbs. also how do tiger barbs and otocinclus do together?
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    African Dwarf Frog & A Betta?

    can i keep the two in a 10 gallon? with oto cats too?
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    Can I Add A School Of Bloodfin Tetras???

    i have a 55 with 10 tiger barbs and 4 bleeding heart tetras. Could i add a school of 8 bloodfin tetras? will they be ok with my other fish. i really like how they school.
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    What Else Can I Use Besides Crushed Coral?

    Is there a different kind of substrate i can use besides crushed coral, to help maintain water hardness in an aquarium. im trying to breed mystery snails with healthy shells.

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