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    Feeding Fish

    Hello, So I have finally cycled my tank and have all water levels stable and good. I have been feeding my fish flakes and pellets, but my question is, when can I start introducing bloodworms, beef-heart, etc...? I'm not looking for my fish to grow extremely fast, but would like to feed them...
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    High Nitrites

    Hello again fellow fishers.!! So I've had my tank now about 5 1/2 weeks, I put let tank cycle for about 3 weeks before adding fish. Have had fish in tank now about 2 weeks. My levels of nitrites are still high. I've cut back on my feeding, was feeding two small amounts a day (morning & night)...
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    Beginner - Tank Mates For Cichlids

    I am new to the fish industry and was hoping to have a tank with one or 2 Oscars and several cichlids, but upon reading and doing my homework, the Oscars do not do well with cichlids and need a large tank for multiple Oscars. I have a 75 gallon tank and I guess now, I would like to fill it with...

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