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  1. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    Please help!!! I have a brand new cycled tank and I had a blue dwarf Gourami for a week before getting four cardinal tetras. They stayed very pale and 2 died within 48 hours. My tank is 20 gallon and the water is great. The gourami acted aggressive when I first put them in, but he had stopped...
  2. jscott

    Nitrite Off The Charts! :(

    I really need advice!! I'm a few weeks into a fishless cycle, dosing ammonia and using Stability. I was using Excel until Seachem told me to stop because it can kill bacteria. After doing that, my tank was FINALLY able to convert 1pmm ammonia in less than 24 hours, but now the problem is a major...
  3. jscott

    Cycling: Is This Normal?

    I've been cycling my tank for about a month. Started out using fish food, but the ammonia and nitrite wouldn't get above 0.25, and I didn't want to put in huge amounts of fish food that I would have to clean out later, so I switched to dosing pure ammonia, and using Stability every day...
  4. jscott

    Trimming Plants?

    Might be a stupid question...but whats the best way to trim plants in an aquarium?
  5. jscott

    3 Questions About Water Changes

    1. At the end of cycling a tank, using fish food, without fish, I need to do a light vacuuming and water change, correct? What percentage water change? 2. Do you always dose for the whole tank when using Prime during water changes? 3. When starting out, How do you know how often to do water...
  6. jscott

    Brand New Tank: Need Feedback On My Fish Plan

    new 20 gallon tall by jscott posted Jun 4, 2017 at 12:21 PMnew 20 gallon tall by jscott posted Jun 4, 2017 at 12:21 PM Sorry, second try at posting this... (Brand new to fish keeping and to this forum) Attached a photo of my 20 gallon tall. Currently cycling, using fish food method (trying to...

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