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    My Cory Is Laying Her Eggs Again

    My cory is laying her eggs AGAIN. 3 days ago she laid 51 eggs and today she laid around 8-14 eggs. Is this normal? I collected the first batch and put it in a breeding net. Today I collected the second batch and put it in the same breeding net. The first batch is most likely to hatch first...
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    Can You Feed Blood Worms To Your Corydoras Fry

    Can corydoras fry eat bloodworms?
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    I Dont Have Brine Shrimp To Feed My Fry

    I have corydoras eggs. I do not have brine shrimp to feed my fry when they hatch. Are there any substitutes for brine shrimp. Please help
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    My Betta Bit My Finger

    I have had my betta for about 2 mounths. He always thinks that when he sees my hand it is feeding time. So one day when I was cleaning his filter he jumped out of the water and bit my finger. LOL
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    Do Any Of You Know About Eel Tail Catfish

    Hi, do any of you keep a eel tail catfish
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    What Should I Feed My Dwarf Gourami

    self explanatory
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    Is The 1 Inch Per Gallon Rule Any Good

    According to the 1 inch per gallon rule well you can have 1 inch per g. Is this rule any good?
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    Is There A Pecking Order In A Corydoras School

    HI guys, I recently bought a peppered corydoras to add to my cory school, she was a lot smaller than the corys in my tank. I know that corys are very peaceful fish but is there any pecking order. thank you
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    Can Different Types Of Corydoras School Together

    I have always wondered if different species of corydoras catfish can school together (peppered and bronze) If you know please tell me Thanks RYRY
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    What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Cordoras Fry

    HI guys, can you please tell me the best way to take care of peppered cordoras fry Thank you
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