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    Electronic/digital Ph Test

    What would y'all recommend? We're over playing the color match guessing game.
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    Opinions: Can A Standard 125 Be Success Long Term As A Mixed Reef?

    We have a 125 we have been considering converting to a saltwater tank. What would be the best way to go about this and what would be the must have equipment? All opinions welcome! We have one already from petsmart and would ideally not spend 1000+ to buy a new tank/ stand
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    Hitchhiker Id

    Ew what is it?
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    Favorite Less Common Fishes

    Drop a picture of your favorite fish/Invertebrate that is not super common in the hobby. (Can include an uncommon color variety) You can own it now (include what you really like about it + whatever you want to share) Or want to own it in the future (keep it realistic, something that's...
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    Happiest's 40b Finally ♡

    After years of talking about it I finally got my 40 breeder. I just wanted a thread to track my tank. Everyone is a little mad and my scape needs major work but I want to leave everyone alone a couple days to not add additional stress. Also cloudy from the move and I'm out of polisher of...
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Just wanted a place to track my saltwater journey! Starting out with a 25 gal, we put live rock in yesterday now we wait for cycling! Ill post pictures when I get home. If this goes well the goal is to convert our 125 to saltwater but that is $$$$$ so starting smaller for now
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    Goby Found In Live Rock - Emergency!!! Please Help

    We bought live rock to set up our saltwater tank and we found a goby in our box!!!! Everyone is closed how do I make him make it through the night so we can take him back until our tank cycles!
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    125 Gal Ideas [emoji848]

    We are very much in the research phase still but sometimes it helps to have a little guidance. As of now we plan to start FOWLR and slowly eventually go reef. That being said what are some stocking ideas, lists or suggestions for a 125? Thanks in advance (We are months away from...
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    40 Gallon Breeder Tank Upgrade :)

    As soon as I find a good enough deal I finally get to upgrade to the 40 gallon breeder my stand was designed for As usual I like to hit the forum first to get some ideas to look further into. Here's what I already have: 10-kuhlI loaches (LOVE) 5-cherry barbs (2m/3f (two long fin) 1-ivory...
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    Happiest "nano" Tank

    With the sad passing of our new Krib (the day we figured out how to treat her) Our 25 is now empty, cycled and ready to hold a freshwater nano community *currently holds a couple cherry barbs, to keep the cycle, and 2 assassin snails from a tank that's being salted currently and all those...
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