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    Best Plants For Newb?

    Let me just clarify… both can go in substrate right? The Anubias is buried currently, but the Java fern is just kinda floating right now. Thanks! Also… what is a rhizome? Lol, I’m clueless about this, where is it located on these plants? This should be uncovered?
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    Best Plants For Newb?

    Okay thank you!
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    Best Plants For Newb?

    Yeah, I got some good results on google doing that and I had pretty much narrowed down my options, but I just wanted to double check first I got an Anubias and a Java fern. I just lightly covered the roots with sand, will they do okay like that? I scored a nice looking Anubias from PetSmart…...
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    Best Plants For Newb?

    I’ve had both salt and freshwater aquariums for a while now, and for some reason I’m just now deciding to give freshwater plants a try! I’ve redone all my betta tanks to have a divided 20 long with 3 bettas, a 5 gallon with one betta, and another 20 with one betta. The 5 gallon and a 20 have...
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    What Happened To My Coral ?

    I can't offer much advice with the coral, I could list off what I think may be the issue, but I don't want to give any misinformation and point you in the wrong direction… I'm just not at all familiar with this type of coral, sorry about that but I am interested in how you've been collecting...
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    What Happened To My Coral ?

    Wow, that is one interesting coral, I have a few pieces of LR that look just like this, but dead obviously… that white stuff may be some sort of fungus, although I honestly have no idea as I haven't seen anything like that in person, but I've heard of fungus growing due to dead rotting things or...
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    Intex Pool Pond

    How do you plan to maintain a cycle? You're only going to be running the pump for the pool 6 hours a day? And how is this pump able to support a colony of bacteria? I've never had a pond, so I'm not super familiar with filtration for them, but unless this pump is modified in some way and run 24...
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    Any Ideas On What This Could Be?

    I purchased some inverts about a month ago, three of which were peppermint shrimp, I just recently noticed a bump on the side of one of the peppermint shrimp, and after doing some research, figured out that it could be a parasitic isopode (did I spell that right?). It's also possible that it's...
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    Is Perspex Reef Safe?

    Nice! It looks really good, pretty cool that you made that for free, some of those frag racks are insanely overpriced. I think I may have a few acrylic scraps in my garage, let me know how this works out, I might do something similar
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    Is Perspex Reef Safe? Is this the stuff? I don't see any issues with drilling it, mine was drilled in some spots, I don't think heating it to bend it is an issue either, but I'm not 100% sure about that, you do have to assume that products (including frag racks!) made for aquariums have also been...
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