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    maintaining substrate depths?

    So how do you do it? I keep trying to keep the substrate 2-3 inches at the back of the tank and only 1 1/2 or so at the front. Partially because I put plants that need deeper substrate at the back, and partially for the look... but regardless, after a very short time it seems to try to 'level'...
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    So are these 2 short tailed males?

    What do you think Gremlin.... am I right? Are these two orange commons short-tailed males? I see the tubercles(sp?) on the gill plates... They are both about 5 inches long, possibly 6 with the tail This other one (red+wh) has the look of a male--the long fins etc, and he has showed breeding...
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    Is it just me?

    ... or are platies entirely neurotic? I think my sunburst platy finally snapped last night. She's been getting progressively more strange for weeks now. She looks perfectly healthy, no fins pinned or flat... but has spent the last two weeks hiding out under a bridge decoration. And as far as...
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    Signs of a Clueless LFS emplyee

    Well, its not really a top 10 list at this point, but at the end we can choose some of the 'best' (I say that laughingly) lfs employee utterances for the top picks. Lets see what we can come up with Now don't get me wrong--I know there are plenty of knowledgeable lfs employees out...
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    Prob posting with pics

    So long as I don't try to load pictures I have no problem posting... but once there is a pic then all bets are off. Its not a re-sizing problem either. I had sized all the pics I was trying to load, the same as always. But when I hit the 'post' button all I get is a blank screen, and my reply is...
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    A Study of Extremes

    Thought I would challenge you cat people out there to find pictures that offer a 'visual challenge' or contrast Here's mine: Tez (the lioness) and Butters (her Siamese buddy)
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    My 'ponies'

    I've said I was going to put up pics of my 'ponies' a while back and never did it... well, better late then never I suppose Without further ado, here's the current herd. Shady ~ my black Paint mare, coming 7 this year... I'm attempting dressage with her but really don't know what I am...
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    healthy... or just fat?

    My nasty friend tells me that I have a 'fat' fish. I think she's just obsessed... But you tell me: Does Circe look like she's put on too much weight? She actually told me that she looks like a little piggy
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    Preemptive parasite treatment?

    I know with some other types of animals I've had over the years you don't wait for signs of parasites... you just assume they have them and deworm (horses and barn cats for instance). Does anyone do the same thing with pond fish? Or is that just too hard on their systems? If you do though...
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    carbon removes nitrate??

    This is probably going to sound really stupid but.... Someone told me that carbon will remove nitrAte from the water. Any truth to this or is she just sadly delusional? (she has kept fish for years, but that doesn't convince me that she's right) I was talking to her about my nitrate heavy...
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