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    Dreaded BBA! Need a beginner C02 setup

    Hey all I have some horrible BBA. With my water parameters I'm really not surprised- hard water, high phosphate, high nitrate. Its basically BBA heaven in the. I never wanted a high tech tank but Ive tried most things to try and tackle the BBA and it looks like C02 is the only solution...
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    Collecting Cory Eggs Before The Other Fish Do!

    Hey everyone. Wondering whether anyone had any advice for me? I have 6 sterbaI cory and they are laying eggs. I want to collect their eggs and raise in a breeder box HOWEVER... one small issue is that my aquarium also has 2 Rams and 6 cardinal tetras who love to feast on cory eggs. I don't...
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    Centrepiece For My 130 Litre Tank

    I just don't know what to go for! I'm looking for a centrepiece fish for my 130 litre aquarium. I have: 5 guppies 6 cardinal Tetras 6 sterbaI corys 1 blue phantom pleco What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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    What's Wrong With My Plant? :(

    Hey everyone. I have a plant in my aquarium- you will have to forgive me but the name has completely slipped my mind. It was growing great, then I went on Holiday for 1.5 weeks and the fish were fed by a friend every 2 days. When I came back the plant had loads of holes in its leaves. Now some...
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    Is My Heater Broken?

    HI all. I'm quite new to the aquarium hobby so I'm looking for some advice. I've got an oase adjustable heater. When I was fishless cycling the tank it was set at 30 degrees and didn't vary too much. Now I have fish I want to keep the temp at 26. I've set the heater to 26 degrees but my...
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    I Think I'm Finally Cycled!

    Hey everyone. I think I'm cycled!! Wahoo! 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite Lots of lovely Nitrates I'm processing 2ppm of Ammonia in 24 hours. My question to you all is should I now increase my ammonia back up to 4ppm (as I dosed originally before Nitrite appeared) or is 2ppm enough?
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    To Water Change, Or Not Water Change Is The Question!

    Hey everyone. I'm doing a fishless cycle and currently at the point where my 4ppm ammonia is being converted and my nitrites are really high. I've done one 70%ish water change and it didn't make a dent on the Nitrite levels. Now the question is do I need to do more water changes or not? I've...
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    Oase Biomaster 350 And Seed Material

    So essentially I am currently mid cycle with ammonia on a 125 litre with an Oase Biomaster 350 canister. To seed the tank my local pet shop gave me some of their filter material (not sure what it's called but but it looks like a bit like a white nut or white round with hole in the middle)...
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