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  1. Little fry babies

    Bristlenose Pleco

    I got this pleco today at PetSmart and cannot find the exact bn it is. It has white tipped fins. Some people are arguing over whether it's a silver tipped, common or starlight but since it's so small, I do not know if you can even tell at this point. Thoughts?
  2. Little fry babies

    Rainbow Cichlid

    Does anyone have experience with rainbow cichlids? Do they get along well in community with other fish? What fish work best with the rainbow cichlid?
  3. Little fry babies

    Oddball Fish 45 Gallon Tank

    I am looking to add an oddball fish In to my 45 gallon tank, but I am not sure what fish are considered as oddballs. I want more of a medium sized fish and nothing too small. Maybe something that reaches 5 or 6 inches? What oddball fish could work? Give me a list of species and I'll do my...
  4. Little fry babies

    Striped Raphael Catfish

    I have a striped Raphael catfish and I wanted to buy a couple more catfish as well. I read these catfish can live with otjer non-aggressive catfish but I really love the synodontis catfish. Would it be a bad idea to house one synodontis species of similar size full grown with it? Or what species...
  5. Little fry babies

    Texas And Tiger Oscar

    I have a Texas cichlid and really want a tiger Oscar. Will the two be compatible? They will be the only two cichlids in the tank for the time being. Advice?
  6. Little fry babies

    Semi-aggressive Stock

    I have a 45 gal tank I set up with a rainbow shark in there .the rainbow shark is very small only an has a while to grow .but don't fret I will be moving him into a bigger tank. Well, I want to stock my tank with other semI aggressive fish and my husband wants a pair of angelfish...
  7. Little fry babies

    60gallon Red Tail Shark Stocking

    I have a 60 gallonwith a red tail shark and I wanted other medium sized fish to go with the tank. I had African cichlid mbunas at one point which I rehomed but I would like to stock the tank with something else. I want a species that will go well with the red tail shark and not fin nip or bother...
  8. Little fry babies

    20 Gallon Tall Stock Ideas

    It's been a while since I posted here and asked for advice, so I will try this this time around. I have a 20 gallon tall and would like to stock it with some freshwater fish. Most likely tropical. But I am open to suggestions. Now, I know I cannot go too large on fish or over stock , and...
  9. Little fry babies

    Pseudotropheus Socolofi Snow White With Red Eyes

    Hi, So I have a question regarding the albino or snow white pseudotroheus socolofi. Someone had informed me that it is man made not a hybrid .It is line bred. Which in all honesty I have never heard of a fish being man made only hybrids. This person also said the peseudotropheus socolofI is a...
  10. Little fry babies

    Rainbow With Bichir And Or Other Tank Mates

    HI all. I want to get a rainbow shark amd get other tank mates that are semI aggressive. I really love bichirs and I wanted to possibly get one but don't know if they are going to eat a rainbow shark . I wanted to get african cichlids or jack Dempsey and green terror but those fish are too...
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