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  1. aquagirllover

    High tech 20g long

    Personally I don’t believe in an “instant” cycle I feel as though it helps but not the end all be all of solutions for cycling a tank.
  2. aquagirllover

    High tech 20g long

    Yeah I use Seachem flourish and seachem iron
  3. aquagirllover

    High tech 20g long

    Hey guys, I recently set up my 20g long high tech aquarium and everything is thriving wonderfully! I have just plants as I am properly cycleing my tank. I used a filter off my established 46 gallon bow front tank (although I DONT I tend in adding any fish or invertebrates right away) I just...
  4. aquagirllover

    Amano shrimp

    Bought an Amano shrimp last night. This morning he had already molted.. is this normal for a him being in a brand new environment? Good sign bad sign?
  5. aquagirllover

    Gourami fish

    I also just bought an Amano shrimp last night and acclimated him properly drip and temp all that good stuff he shed... right away last night I woke up and he had done it is that a good sign???
  6. aquagirllover

    Gourami fish

    I wanted to have a honey and chocolate gouramI 20 gallon long planted tank. He also said Gouramis are cichlids?? Is this true?
  7. aquagirllover

    Gourami fish

    Just wondering about basic GouramI behavior and if my local PetCo got it right. I was told not to put more than a pair Of Goiramis together that they would be too aggressive, and I have to turkey baster feed them? Also are they shrimp safe? Can you put two different species of GoiramI together?
  8. aquagirllover

    Is there something wrong with my water?

    What species of fish? Did you notice any aggression last few days between them and any other fish that may be in the tank?
  9. aquagirllover

    Betta Scales Falling Off?

    I feed him omega one flakes and frozen brine shrimp I also feed dried blood worms can’t remember the brand name. I’ve had him over a year and he was full grown when I got him. Same tank as always same routine weekly 20% water changes sometimes 9 or 10 days . Water parameters are same as original...
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