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    Hi I have a question

    If you get an hour lunch break you could eat for 15-20 minutes and then walk the rest.
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    Dollar a Gallon is Coming! YAAY!

    Went yesterday. The store was fully stocked but there weren't any people buying tanks. I picked up a 10 gallon so I can finally set up a quarantine/hospital tank.
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    Dollar a Gallon is Coming! YAAY!

    To my knowledge they do this a few times a year.
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    Dollar a Gallon is Coming! YAAY!

    Petco is doing their dollar per gallon sale again. It runs Dec 27-Jan 23. You need a Pals Reward card. It is on 10, 20, 20 long, 29, 40, and 55 gallon Aqueon open glass tanks. Looks like I'll finally be picking up my quarantine tank.
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    10 Gallon Shrimp Tank

    That last post I did has a photo near the bottom, which shows the back of the HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS meter packaging. There is a section covering calibration. That section also contains a link to more detailed calibration information from the manufacturer. There is no mention of needing to...
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    10 Gallon Shrimp Tank

    Thanks! At last I have some photos to share.
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    XY-2831 Sponge Filter Review

    Thank you for sharing this. Received my first ones and wondered what the black spigot on top was for. Now I know.
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    10 Gallon Shrimp Tank

    My wife and I have been watching a bunch of shrimp videos on Youtube. We really enjoy the ones posted by Brian of Aquatic Support Systems. You can find his entire playlist at Shrimp - YouTube He posts monthly update videos along with some time-lapse and one or more how to sort of things...
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    Only One Serpae Tetra Left. Now what?

    Cories are a blast. Instead of a SAE or CAE have you considered Otocinclus? They do best in shoals of 3+ but they're simply adorable. They enjoy driftwood and they will eat algae from your glass. They also enjoy the fresh veggie from time to time. Some people drop in zucchinI slices or...
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    New to Cherry Shrimp - Advice Needed

    I used Eco-Complete and Flourite in my 25 gallon planted. Think I still have an unopened bag of one of those. It may be the Flourite Dark.
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