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  1. aquagirllover

    High tech 20g long

    Hey guys, I recently set up my 20g long high tech aquarium and everything is thriving wonderfully! I have just plants as I am properly cycleing my tank. I used a filter off my established 46 gallon bow front tank (although I DONT I tend in adding any fish or invertebrates right away) I just...
  2. aquagirllover

    Amano shrimp

    Bought an Amano shrimp last night. This morning he had already molted.. is this normal for a him being in a brand new environment? Good sign bad sign?
  3. aquagirllover

    Gourami fish

    Just wondering about basic GouramI behavior and if my local PetCo got it right. I was told not to put more than a pair Of Goiramis together that they would be too aggressive, and I have to turkey baster feed them? Also are they shrimp safe? Can you put two different species of GoiramI together?
  4. aquagirllover

    Wave maker size recommended

    20 gallon long just want to know what size wave maker you think I need
  5. aquagirllover

    Yellow Bubble Nest?

    just wondered if anyone else has seen this before my Betta made a bubble best but there’s 3 areas where it’s a dark yellow color Hahaha after closer inspection I’ve realized it’s just detritus leaves
  6. aquagirllover

    Betta Scales Falling Off?

    Hello I have a 5 g tank with one betta in it and I’ve had this tank for over a year now. I went away for the weekend and came back noticing that his scales have a spot where it looks white. At first I thought it was fungus bc I recently added fish to my 20 gallon long that needed up with fungus...
  7. aquagirllover

    Tiger Barb Swimming Erratically

    Hey 20 gallon long long established guppies and 1 green tiger barb I had a school And he’s left over from them since I want a community tank instead now. he’s been alone a long time almost 6 months I’d say he just recently started swimming around crazy like up and down and in circles and Idk if...
  8. aquagirllover

    What Is This In My Betta Tank

    hi, just gonna post a pic and see if anyone knows what this is already planned on my weekly cleaning today so it’s gonna be removed just curious as to what it is. <3
  9. aquagirllover

    What Is This On My Guppy

    He’s fine and healthy as far as I can tel I just have a mad breeding ground right now maybe he isn’t fully developed? But he’s from like two fry groups ago and growing bigger just wondering what that is on him
  10. aquagirllover

    Population Control

    hi, I have 20 gallon long and started w about 5 guppies and now as I’m sure you all know I have too many to count! I want to raise some babies but now I’m worried about the bio-load. Any suggestions? Fish that can control the population? I have two Cory cats also but they haven’t seemed to...
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