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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Holy smokes we have learned so many lessons this past year! Has anyone else gone salty??
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    My Red Sea Nano.

    gorgeous tank! Can't wait till our corals grow in a little more and we continue to add to the collection!
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    I need to start talking videos more because yours was cool! Our euphyllia has been much happier looking in the new tank, it's making us want more
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    What Is This Little Guy?

    Looks like a pin cushion urchin. Sometimes they're little bulldozers so glue anything you care about well!
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Loving the upgrade and the salty side ♡♡♡♡
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Did some big things this weekend. We lovingly said goodbye to the freshwater hobby. It's been a great 8 year run. 4 tanks has just been too much to juggle with college, work, and externships. The 40 gallon is currently in the rockscape phase. Trying many different options of course, however...
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    Electronic/digital Ph Test

    What would y'all recommend? We're over playing the color match guessing game.
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    We have a nem but they don't seem to care about it silly clowns. Its hard to picture them not being tiny some day! But I could absolutely see cheeks being that bold. Also a general update and photo drop: Our nem has been throwing a tantrum, turns out we may have had a ph drop (we used to...
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Thank you Culprit, I think we're doing it Thank you My clowns are my weakness I just wish I could do more than one pair I want them all Cheeks here thinks she's the boss lady of the tank AND the house. A nippy brat but I ♡ her. Good thing she's stuck in a tank
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    Opinions: Can A Standard 125 Be Success Long Term As A Mixed Reef?

    Thanks all for the input, we scraped this idea
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