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    Help Half gallon jar planted.

    I am making a half gallon jar planted aquarium for my dorm room at college, I was wondering what plants you guys would use, I am thinking java fern or java moss. It will be unfiltered, but I will use a small tube for siphoning/water changes. I am hoping the plants will do some filtering too...
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    Is this cool or lame?

    I have an idea for something to do with some of my extra equipment. A mason jar, with about a centimeter layer of colorful substrate, filled with water, and an aquarium plant in it. I could get a java fern that requires no substrate and low light. Or I could get some goofy colored gravel and...
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    10 Gallon Tank Any suggestions?

    I currently have a ten gallon tank planted with large wendtii, java fern, and some kind of cool looking hitchhiker plant, with a muddy fertilizer substrate. Its residents are an albino platy and a ghost shrimp. I was thinking about getting one or two more fish, or maybe a group of dwarf shrimp...
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    Funny quite ironic

    Did anyone else notice that even though people make a bigger deal about getting larger tanks for stability in a marine tank, reefs are some of the smallest aquariums we see?
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    10 Gallon Tank Allright I got this

    So were getting new furniture and I gotta move my tank upstairs to my room. It's a 10 gallon with a platy, a ghost shrimp and some plants I got my plan: Turn off my filters etc Then put my fish into a rather large gladware container with a cover on it Vaccumm out my substrate a bit. Drain...
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    Important Ghost shrimp turning white!!!

    i have a 10g with 2 platies and 6 ghost shrimp Ive had my ghost shrimp for over a month now and 2 weeks or so ago, i found that one of my ghosts was pure white, not clear at all, white as snow. i didnt know what to think but it looked fine, and all my parameters are in check. but now i...
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    Help 1 gallon pico

    my friend is give me a 1 gallon tank and I wanna make a pico reef, i have lights to use and i was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for corals/ inverts
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    ahhhh this is annoying

    sigh*** i was doing a water change and decided to do some siphoning yesterday... so i got it vacuuming and when i stick it in the soil, all my mud and dirt gets sucked up into the tubes and clogs my siphon up, lol Its a new tank with only 2 fish and 6 shrimp so i asked for some dwarf...
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    Help amazon sword uprooting problem

    I have my planted tank with wendtii, java fern and an amazon sword. when i first planted the sword, i had trouble getting it into the soil but it seemed fine..... last week i came down in the morning to find it uprooted and floating at the top of my tank, i tried putting it back into the...
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    Question at what point does copper become harmful to shrimp?

    at what point does copper become hurtful to shrimp? i have a planted tank and i just realized my fertilizer has .005 or.0005 percent copper in it. I have low light plants so I hardly dose them, i only put a few drops in a week. I fertilized several times and my ghost shrimp don't seem hurt or...
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    My newest aquarium!!!

    So I needed to do some pruning on my amazon swords the other day, and i was kinda bored so i set up my new aquarium!!! It is a 20 oz water bottle filled with aquarium water. It has 2 amazon sword stems in it. I microwaved it to bring it up to temperature and then put it on my window!!!
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    1 Gallon Tank Saltwater Vase (very cool check it out)

    This guy actually made a 1 gallon pico reef. Its pretty sweet. Im thinking about making a bowl or something, just some saltwater with an inch deep layer or sand and a piece or two of live rock just to see what grows on it.
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    Does this platy look pregnant to you?

    This platy is lookin a little plump. Do you guys think it's pregnant?
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    Funny I smuggled some platies :)

    i needed something to fill in the beauty of my planted tank, so i smuggled 2 albino spotted platies into my 10 g without my parents knowing. , they werent too happy about it but the fish look GREAT!!! lol
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    Does anyone have.....

    Does anyone here have a coldwater marine tank? A N Y O N E??????
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    Ghost Shrimp acclimating.

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    How do I tell if my plants are doing well

    I have 2 java ferns, 2 wendtii, and an amazon sword. How to I tell how well they are doing? They all seem to be lush looking, with bubbles that form on leaves (oxygen right?), and i think the wendtii is already spreading because i see a little sprout of something next to it.
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    What are the chances???

    i bought two small pots of java fern today, i unpotted it and put them into my new planted aquarium, so what are the chances that some snails or something somehow snuck in? ive been dealing with critters on my live rock for my reef tanks for 4 years so im just curious. and are snails good...
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    Wow there are some weird people

    So I was in pet supplies plus in Hudson, Ohio today looking around and some lady asked this guy for EVERY GUPPY IN THE TANK!!!!!! there was about 50 BABY GUPPIES in this tank, and the worker was irritated because he needed about an hour two catch these tiny guppies and this lady needed it...
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    Water Rising and plants

    well my new tank is filled about 4 inches from the top with water, and i can add another gallon, but my question is if I get 2 pieces of java fern, some anubias, and a little java moss, how much will my water level rise, i also didnt add my equipment yet

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