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  1. Kasshan

    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    I haven't done a water change on any of my tanks since 2013(one exception, much to my chagrin, I had to do 1 WC a couple years back when a baby dumped a bunch of food in). my Discus and Angels lay eggs, my neons and cardinals lived for +6 years(they finally started to die off earlier this year)...
  2. Kasshan

    20 Gallon Tank Removed Krib Cichlid Babies Too Soon

    I usually have a few cheap dithers like black skirt tetras (very durable) or small Danios for the homicidal female to calm down after spawning.
  3. Kasshan

    Diffrence Between A Jack Dempsey And A Electric Blue Jd Exept Colour?

    no, behaviorally they are much more docile, significantly smaller, and not as robust. my male EBJD is exactly 2y3m old and 6inches and he can be kept with live bearers, he wont eat all or too many of them at once, but then again he is spoiled by live blackworms. the regular female he spawned...
  4. Kasshan

    29 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Jack Dempsey In 29 Gallon Tank

    just do it. I would. perhaps you will upgrade, perhaps not. even so, if you interact with it everyday; if it has good hiding spots and it has a clear view of the room, it should be fine behaviorally, you might even hand feed it (like I do with mine). you will need to closely monitor your water...
  5. Kasshan

    Possible To Keep Tiger Barbs And Rams Together?

    Neolamprologus brichardi have blue eyes and relatively small, but huge compared to a ram. They like hard alkali water. If you did a neutral PH tank they might work, just never breed (they are harem breeders and very prolific, you will have to cull mercilessly). I have buddy that uses them as...
  6. Kasshan

    Possible To Keep Tiger Barbs And Rams Together?

    Naw I've kept guppies mollies rasboras and neon with breeding kribs. The trick is tank size and aquascaping
  7. Kasshan

    Possible To Keep Tiger Barbs And Rams Together?

    Try kribensis, they are dwarf cichlids about the same size as rams, but they a lot more robust
  8. Kasshan

    Possible To Keep Tiger Barbs And Rams Together?

    I wouldn't. Tiger barbs would annoy and harass the rams. Rams have a big bark but no bite, they really are quite fragile and need very docile tank mates to be very successful. Just cuz you can get them to live together, wouldn't make it an ideal match up. I would try rasboras or small tetras...
  9. Kasshan

    Do You Still Eat Fish?

    Tuna and salmon's taste is ruined by cooking it. A little searing is about I can handle before I think it becomes inedible. I'll eat the canned stuff cuz all the flavors are sealed in tho.
  10. Kasshan

    Jack Dempsey Photos

    lol that's what I called my female Jack too.
  11. Kasshan

    Jack Dempsey Photos

    the blue jeweled throat and lack of very pointy fins indicates female. males have much sharper and longer tips on the dorsal and analfins
  12. Kasshan

    Jack Dempsey?

    lol that is a male Convict
  13. Kasshan

    Breeding Neon Tetra?

    you will need very dark brown water and low light to increase your changes. also, you will need to learn how to control water chemistry with very small water changes or find out how to keep your water clean without changing your water at all, otherwise you will just kill everything from the...
  14. Kasshan

    Help Help : I Keep Losing Fish After Filter Maintenance... I'm Beyond Befuddled

    Stop cleaning your filter then. Just make sure the water flow is unobstructed. That's all. I only cleaning my filter when too much gunk backs it up which is a few times a year maybe. Other wise I do a weekly rinse of the sponge on the intake.
  15. Kasshan

    Eb Ram Pair

    I was heavy handed in my culling. Any females and any sub par male specimens were fed to my jack dempseys. At this point now I will want to cultivate and donate to my locally owned fishstore since I think I've achieved my goal. This next fish is what sparked my project to improve the EB line...
  16. Kasshan

    Eb Ram Pair

    He was spawned in March and I just found a regular eb female that was smaller than him after months of searching LFSs. So now he and his mate have a 10g and a mess of slate all to themselves that I set up yesterday. I kicked out all the blue-gene jack Dempsey fry into a bare bottom with just...
  17. Kasshan

    Eb Ram Pair

    3rd generation in my project to get quality EB males. This little guy has gold ram scales underneath his EB scales, it makes him more purplish at some angles which regular EBs don't have. For reference this was his grandpa IMG_20170526_041052 by Kasshan posted May 26, 2017 at 3:57 AM And this...
  18. Kasshan

    Liberty Mollies

    so I got 3 females and 1 male, they look rather plain, but I hear they are rather rare and they are wild caught. since they were given to me for free i took them without protest. i cant wait for the male to color up like in pictures on google. maybe i can proliferate this strain and also make a...
  19. Kasshan

    Ick Again For The 3rd Time!

    that's all you can really do mate. goodluck
  20. Kasshan

    Ick Again For The 3rd Time!

    85F heat, salt, and an hospital/isolation tank. simple responsible fish husbandry. are you doing any of these things?

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