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  1. tropicalfishlover

    Clown Pleco vs Bristlenose Pleco

    So, which do you like more? The tanks 30 gallons with an angelfish, 2 german blue rams and 6 cories with a big chuck of driftwood. He'd get algae wafers, omega one veggie rounds, new life spectrum stable wafers and a slice of cucumber twice a week. Any other veggies you've found your pleco to...
  2. tropicalfishlover

    Pearl Gourami pair

    So the tanks 29 gallons and it already has 5 platies and 8 flame tetras and I was wondering if I could add a trio of pearl gourami's?
  3. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish with Flame Tetras

    The tanks 30 gallons with one angelfish and four platies. So think it will work if I add 8-10 flame tetras?
  4. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish and Congo Tetras

    It's 30 gallons and I was wondering could I keep 8 or 10 congo tetras with a pair of angelfish. If not what fish have worked well with your pairs of angelfish. Thanks for any replies.
  5. tropicalfishlover

    Krib with cory catfish

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 10 penguin tetras and 7 Julii cories and was wondering if a krib would work. Im really worried about the cories as they're so sweet and if they get chased away from their wafers. Do you think it would work? Any advice welcome!
  6. tropicalfishlover

    Sick rummy nose tetras! Please help!!

    So on Saturday I bought 4 rummy nose tetras. Everything was fine until yesterday when I turned the lights on around 10am and one of them was staying by himself and in the next few hours he started spinning in circles and then died around 12 or 12:30am. Then an hour ago when I was turning off the...
  7. tropicalfishlover

    trimming marimo moss balls

    So my marimo moss ball is a little bit dead and I was wondering if I should trim off the dead part like any other plant?
  8. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish food

    Hi, Are their any foods that you know of that seem to help the koi and gold Angelfish show off that goldish and orangeish color? And does live food help them grow or is it the same as feeding frozen?
  9. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish Pair

    The tanks 30 gallon with 7 Julii Cories and 8 Penguin Tetras. Would a pair of Angelfish work? This is going to sound mean but I don't care if the fry survive or not so aggression wise do you think it would work?
  10. tropicalfishlover

    Congo Tetra tankmates

    I've got an empty 30 gal and was thinking about congo tetras. Is it big enough? If it is what are good tankmates I could put in with them?
  11. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish Pairs in 55 gallon

    So when my angelfish start to pair off could I keep three pairs in the 55 with tank dividers?
  12. tropicalfishlover

    New Plants

    This is a stupid question but do you qt new plants that were with fish in the stores tank?
  13. tropicalfishlover

    Sick Neon Tetra

    I just got some Neon Tetras from the store today and I just noticed that one of them has a white head. Right before the gills start is white but the rest of the color of his body is normal except maybe alittle darker. He seems to be swimming in circles sometimes, like a dog chasing his tail but...
  14. tropicalfishlover

    Nerite Snails with Flourish

    Does anybody know how Nerite Snails will be with Flourish?
  15. tropicalfishlover

    Angelfish with Emperor Tetras

    I have a 30 gallon with a German Blue Ram and an Angelfish and was wondering if I could have 8 or so Emperor Tetras?
  16. tropicalfishlover

    German Blue Rams Spawning Behavior

    Ive had my pair for almost a month and their isnt any spawning. They do lip locking every now, alittle chasing and every couple days they seem to be clearing a spot but stop alittle while later. The females tummy is pink and has been for the past week or alittle longer but nothing yet. Are their...
  17. tropicalfishlover

    Discus School

    So I might be getting a 75-150 gallon in the next couple weeks and was thinking about getting Discus. One thing I heard was that they need to be in a school but what if they pair up would they need to be seprated for aggression and would I then need to increase the school?
  18. tropicalfishlover

    squeezing in another school

    the tanks 30 gallons with one angelfish and 8 dwarf rainbows. do you think that i could fit in 6-8 julii corys? and if so would NLS H2O stable wafers and omega one veggie rounds be ok?
  19. tropicalfishlover

    Dead Tetras

    on saturday the 16 i bought two german blue rams and everything was fine until thursday the 21 when i had 3 dead neon tetras. on friday i had two more dead neon tetras and i thought i saw ich so i turned up the temp slowly and then did a water change. then saturday their four dead neon tetras...
  20. tropicalfishlover

    Krib with Angelfish

    So I have a 30 gallon with 8 Penguin tetras and 1 Krib and was wondering if I could get 1 Angelfish. If not is their some other top dwelling fish that could fit?

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