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  1. haji4

    Help with Mystery tetra

    I got this guy from my supplier and he was in with the rummy nose tetras. Have not seen another one like it. Cant find another one like him. He has a great personality and I want more. can anyone help ID him for me. I have looked on line and everywhere. Thanks for the help.
  2. haji4

    Lost my 8 Y/O Emperor Tetra this morning

    :'( I lost my Emperor Tetra this morning. He was 8 years old and was alone for the last 5 years. I was hoping he would keep going but he looked very old and was not eating as well this last month. He will be missed.
  3. haji4

    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    This is a nice pair and I hope to have eggs soon. They have been crazy for about 1 week and now she is going along the bottom and he is doing the "shakey" thing. I have them separate for now. As soon as the eggs are laid I will put them back in their main tank. I am so excited.
  4. haji4

    Waht kind of Pleco is this?

    I just got this guy and he is so much cuter than my last one. My last one was a 14" common Pleco who now lives life in a heated pond of about 15,000 gallons. This new one is very different. Different markings, Shorter body, Larger sail. I was hoping to ID him just because I am curious. Thanks in...
  5. haji4

    HELP Sick Tire Track Eel

    My Tire Track Eel that we call RK decided to spend the night in the filter and now tonigt he is breathing fast with a wide open mouth. The only new fih is about a 6" Pleco. He has lots of space as he is in an 85gal tank with the pleco and his Frontosa buddy. Could the filter make him sick...
  6. haji4

    Black Banded Lepornius

    Here is the other of my odd collection of fish. I like ones that are different and large. Does anyone else have one of theese??? I would like some more infromation from people who have ahd these type of fish. This is the Leporinus Affinis She is about 12 to 13 inches long and has 11 bars and 2...
  7. haji4

    Tire Track Eel

    Does anyone else have a Tire Track eel??? I would like some more information on them. I hope to pick mine up on 2/27/08 and I am in the process of screening the top by the filters. I hear they are great escape artists and I don't want mine to get out. My fish become my kids and I would hate to...
  8. haji4

    My Molly Baby

    I am so excited as My molly babies are 1 month old. I have 6 babies and they all look like girls. I am sure I really can't tell for another 2 months but I had to share.
  9. haji4

    Help I need to build raw Stand Today

    I just noticed a leak in my 20gal. kitchen tank and the only tank I have to replace it with is my 80gal. I need to build a stand today so I can set it up before the leak gets worse. I have 3 baby opaline Gouramis in it. Does anyone have a basic plan for a fast easy 2X4 or 2X6 frame for a stand...
  10. haji4

    Help! What knd of Fish is this???

    This school of fish came with my fish tank and I can't seen to find out what it is. Help please. Haji4
  11. haji4

    Neon tetras and salt

    I have salt in all of my tanks and all of my fish are healthy and my mollies reproduce like crazy. I bought 5 neons for a 55 gal tanks that only has 6 molly babies and 4 white clouds, all are healthy but the smallest one died from a ruptured swim bladder and so I returned him. He was replaced...
  12. haji4

    New Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami's

    I am so excited because I added 3 little Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami's to my molly tank. The tank was dull being 55gal. with only 4 mollies in it. I think it looks so much better. I think in about another month I might add 3 Dwarf Flame Gourami's. I also now have an empy 55gal and an empty 10 gal...
  13. haji4

    My 55 Molly Tank

    I just wanted to share my Molly tanks since most of my posts lately were for hel with some rescued fish. This is home to 1 - black molly male and his 3 molly girls 2 black and 1 silver. all due any day now. I have a 20 gal with 6 fry born on New Years Day. The fish are fun and very active. Oh my...
  14. haji4


    It seem latley I have rescued several fish and I am leaving soon to go pick up a JD and an Oscar. I have not had an Oscar in about 9 years. I dont know what kind so I will try to post a photo this evening. Why do people think fish are disposable? These fish were abandoned and the home owner put...
  15. haji4

    Help with Jack Dempsey

    I just got a fish tank off craigslist and it was a nice 55 gal., stand and all. When I got home it broke. Well now I have a 8" JD and only a 10 gal tank. He was a abused fish and is missing parts of his dorsal fin. He seems to be OK so far but I am short on funds now and cant purchase another...
  16. haji4

    How do you tell?

    How do you know when the femalle Molly is ready to pop?? I have 3 girls and 1 male and babies about 3 weeks old. I dont know who had them. 2 of my girls are huge and is there a way to know so I can seperate her. Thank Haji4
  17. haji4

    Tank Integrity

    Does any one know if the plastic strip around the bottom of a 55 gal. tank is just for looks or is it part if the structural integrity of the tank. Mine is broken but it stll holds water fine. I am curiuos. Thanks Haji4
  18. haji4

    New To This Forum

    I just found thid forum a few days ago and I decided to sy Hi. I am just getting back to having fish after about a 7 year time off. I have 1 - 10, 2 - 20 and 1 55 gal. I have a recovering betta in the 10 with a silver swoard. The betta came to me in the 10 gal. **** 2 cichlids and a yoyo loach...

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