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  1. ROFEA

    Quarantine this shrimp?

    I have a shrimp with a piece of her shell lifted up and its red. I initially thought something was attached or fungus growing but after a good look I'm sure it's a damaged shell piece that turned red. She is also berried if that makes a difference. I put her in a mason jar with tank water...
  2. ROFEA

    Help, separate or keep together?

    Solved my problem, separated them and she ended up having babies in the calmer tank.
  3. ROFEA

    Crazy Shrimp

    My yellow neocaridina has been overly active and odd for the past few hours. It continuously flips backwards and loops around and then sporadically jumps and cannot settle down or land right. It was crashing into the others so often I put it in another tank and it is still is acting strange...
  4. ROFEA

    Quick Question Neo Babies

    Are newly hatched neo babies about the same size or larger than neo poop? I want to suck up poop on a rock with a baster (near a big berried mom hiding in the rock). I dont want to risk sucking up a baby but dont want her surrounded in shrimp poo either.
  5. ROFEA

    Add Co2 Now Or Wait?

    My plants have been receiving flourish, iron and excel but could use co2 and i just bought a diffuser and co2. I am apprehensive to use either since the neos have only been getting used to their tank a few days. The plants have had flourish additives in the weeks prior to the shrimps arrival but...
  6. ROFEA

    Non Toxic Decor

    I'm really sensitive to chemical smells and I'm sure it must be worse for shrimp and fish in an aquarium. I've bought two different decor items that had good reviews and seemed harmless enough but both ended up smelling pretty strongly after being rinsed well (one boiled per directions). Any...
  7. ROFEA

    Id Help And Advice

    I just got my very first tank and some plants. The store said i had to set it up for a month before putting shrimp i want inside (so it can cycle). I never wanted any fish (just a few shrimp) and dont know anything about fish care aside from fish sitting. The bag with plants had a tiny fish...

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