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  1. s3ptum

    Help How to catch fast fish. . .

    Ive found that for some fish you have to bring the net up from the bottom instead of chasing them around the tank. Also be very slow and patient about it. Like an ambush predator.
  2. s3ptum

    Female Dalmation Molly VERY Swollen and Swimming Tail-Up - HELP PLEASE!

    Not an expert but that looks like fluid is trapped in her body similar to dropsy. Scales don't need to pine cone for it to be dropsy. Dropsy is a secondary symptom to a primary problem. Get some antibiotics in her water quick. Maracyn-Two comes to mind. I did this for a danio of mine that did...
  3. s3ptum

    Help My 5 new danios are dying 3 days in

    There are alot of water parameters that a fish needs adjusting to. you have to add water to bag to acclimate them properly. I use floating method that LiveAquaria put up Here.
  4. s3ptum

    75 Gallon Tank New Tank Revisiting The Hobby

    Here is the newest development. One of 6 Otocinclus for cleanup Wide Shot Danios up close with some Cherry barbs and Neons Baby White Clouds with baby Cherrys that are too small for main tank being held if sump below main tank.
  5. s3ptum

    75 Gallon Tank New Tank Revisiting The Hobby

    Another try but ive removed the fake root drift wood and found some nice drift wood at a store in Maryland. Here in Va. my options are very limited for stores. O and ive gone tetra crazy ill get a nice photo up soon.
  6. s3ptum

    75 Gallon Tank New Tank Revisiting The Hobby

    turns out it was the sand added a polisher and it cleaned right up! EDIT: Also the carpet is Glossostigma something. I'd post a photo but forum is telling me there is a security error...
  7. s3ptum

    75 Gallon Tank New Tank Revisiting The Hobby

    I am revisiting the hobby after 10 years of absence. Below are some pics of my tank. Tank is not cycled. Using a buffer to keep ph at 7 Organic soil with pool filter sand cap (Cap not finished.Waiting for carpet to get taller.) 20 gal sump with refugium 3 stage pond filter pads in baffles...

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