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  1. BobNJerry

    Bumblebee Goby Care

    most bumble bee gobies are raised in freshwater- and chances are if this guy came in on plants- he's been living in freshwater and doesn't require salt in his water. I have two in my freshwater 29gallon tank.. they are thriving and doing well.
  2. BobNJerry

    Am I Overstocked?

    IMO if you take care of your tank... and don't feed often you can safely overstock your tank, as long as there is no aggression and no one is stressed.. or going hungry.
  3. BobNJerry

    Quarantined Discus - Is That A Fungus?

    can you exchange the fish?
  4. BobNJerry

    Household Items For Tank Decoration

    is that Simba on pride rock! lol love it!!
  5. BobNJerry

    Office Tank Stocking

    the guppies will mate and you'll have a lot more fish. unless they are all males. then they will fight and nip each other.
  6. BobNJerry

    10 Gallon Dwarf Puffer Tank Question

    There are varying species and not all are wild caught. Many are tank raised. Many more are tank raised than wild caught.
  7. BobNJerry

    10 Gallon Dwarf Puffer Tank Question

    i have looked into pea puffers and 3 would do well in a very heavily planted tank and i think oto's would be ok to because they move fast and are unassuming. Here is where i decided i was no go on pea puffers- meal time- they are very picky eaters and mostly eat live snails - and i wasn't up...
  8. BobNJerry

    What Is This Pleco

    not all Placo's eat algae - huge misconception in the hobby. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to offer a youtube but Dustin's fish tanks on youtube did a video on Pleco's and what they eat and i believe yours was one of the species he talked about.
  9. BobNJerry

    One Week Old Tank With Three Guppies

    on topic..but off topic.. what is your ratio of male/female guppy?
  10. BobNJerry

    Can I Put All These Fish In 10g Tank

    Yeah like i said.. it's fine. I have pics in my profile of my AFD and Betta
  11. BobNJerry

    Can I Put All These Fish In 10g Tank

    you own frogs? have experience?
  12. BobNJerry

    Suggestions For Quick Cycling

    If your LFS sells it try Fritz Zyme Turbo Start- works great.
  13. BobNJerry

    Switched To Bigger Tank And Now Have Nitrite Issue

    ditto! i agree- mini cycle- keep an eye on it and do water changes. don't go back to the 29! lol you'll be fine!
  14. BobNJerry

    Can I Put All These Fish In 10g Tank

    i agree i wouldn't put an ADF with these fish- if you have seen them eat- it's mouth wide open and dive! LOL they aren't aggressive they are just goofy and clumsy- they don't have very good vision.
  15. BobNJerry

    Can I Put All These Fish In 10g Tank

    I wouldn't take everyone's word for it do a little research- but a 10 gallon is ideal for an ADF. People get a little overstock crazy around here. They like a friend with them- they feel safer and you'll see them more. I have two ADF and a betta in a 5.5 gallon- everyone is happy...
  16. BobNJerry

    Guppy Acting Weird

    how old is he?
  17. BobNJerry

    21-hour-long Drive

    When you bag them catch some air in the bag before you close it- there are tons and tons of youtube vids on how to do it- so easy.
  18. BobNJerry

    Is This Normal?

    do a quick goolge image search and it looks like she has eggs-
  19. BobNJerry

    21-hour-long Drive

    Fish get shipped for longer than 24 hours- in a bag with varying temps..normally without issue- otherwise there would be no fish in fish stores. IMO i think what you are doing is overkill for the type of fish you have. i would bag the tetra's, bag the pleco and bag the guppies in two separate...
  20. BobNJerry

    Do People Make Fun Of You For Trying To Give Your Betta Optimal Care?

    i think after the 4th tank everyone got bored of making fun of me. =)
  21. BobNJerry

    Betta Disease

    The two Petco's near me change their betta water one by one by hand- and bad news- most LFS get their bettas from the same place as Petco/petsmart and they all come in those little bags with the blue water. The only way to know you have a quality betta is to know your breeder.
  22. BobNJerry

    Buying Tropical Fish

    for the fish you want- you are better off getting from your LFS - you'll pay loads in shipping for fairly average fish.
  23. BobNJerry

    Treating Possible Columnaris In Habrosus, Are My Meds Safe?

    do you see signs of fungus or columnaris? If you don't... then your cories may have been wild caught and that is why they aren't doing well in your aquarium. I had the same exact problem- i got 3 - two died asap, then i got 3 more .. and 3 died... then i got 10 and i had 11 now i'm down to 5...
  24. BobNJerry

    Male Guppy Hiding

    this is a pic of one of my confirmed females- i think she looks a lot like your fish... or at least you have something to compare it to IMG_3379 by BobNJerry posted May 10, 2018 at 12:08 PM
  25. IMG_3379


  26. BobNJerry

    5.5 Gallon Community Tank (need Some Help On The Possible Decor Choices)

    I dont believe the OP was asking if their stocking is ok. Quartz is fine in your tank.
  27. BobNJerry

    Male Guppy Hiding

    I'm wondering if that's not a female guppy? Are you familiar with the gravid spot?
  28. BobNJerry

    Keeping Adf

    I wouldn't use sand.. i would use rocks.. the reason being is when they eat they just grab whats in front of them- this will result in them eating lots of sand. I had two .. a boy and a girl and they mated ALL THE TIME NONE STOP.
  29. BobNJerry

    New Arrivals

    If it was me i'd keep him alone ... Oscars don't play nice with others or each other lol
  30. BobNJerry

    Sudden Ph Drop, New Cycled Tank

    it sounds like the plants lowered your PH.
  31. BobNJerry

    Fish Dying Quickly

    the filter the OP has is cartridges and they need to be changed or they fall apart- they also have charcoal in them and if charcoal is old it will release the toxins instead of filter them out of the water. The best thing to do is put a new one in when the old is still in there for a few days...
  32. BobNJerry

    'my Failure At Creating A Decent Planted Tank’ Or ‘how I Learned That Lemon Tetra Are Unkillable'

    i have to tell you - i love a planted tank but your journey reminds me of why i stick with easy plants. what is your PH?
  33. BobNJerry

    Can You Guys Tell Me What My Ph Is, Hard To Tell. Pic Inside

    i think to get a more accurate read you'll have to switch to the high range ph test.
  34. BobNJerry

    Guppy Allimentation Problem

    did anyone who is questioning the water parameters read the part where he said they just spawned? will a guppy spawn in water quality so poor it wants to jump out?
  35. BobNJerry

    First Time Betta Owner Trying To Heal My Betta

    ask away - this is your thread! LOL
  36. BobNJerry

    First Time Betta Owner Trying To Heal My Betta

    I dont know if this has been mentioned but keep in mind that a bettas stomach is about the size of it's eye - so it needs very little food and they dont need to eat every day. I have one betta that doesn't bother with his snail.. i have another betta and it bit both antenas off his snail- so...
  37. BobNJerry

    Lowering Ph For Wild Betta

    ROFL!!!! haha! what a ding dong. Yes... PEAT .. not peat moss.. two totally different things.
  38. BobNJerry

    Lowering Ph For Wild Betta

    Yes! so true.. i just recently learned the benefits of Peat moss.
  39. BobNJerry

    Lowering Ph For Wild Betta

    most natural way to lower your PH is to add Tanins to your water - alder cones, almond leaf, drift wood. Betta's love their tanins!
  40. BobNJerry

    My Little Betta

    Hey there- i LOVE dumbo ear betta's! If you think about it like this- these little fish have never been in a fish tank .. with lights and gravel and plants and snails.. they been in tubs, bags and jars. I dont' know about you but if i was all of sudden put into this bigger brighter place...
  41. BobNJerry

    Question Regarding Tap Water And Water Changes

    that's why you are testing - to see how much the PH decreases on your tap after sitting for 24 hours.
  42. BobNJerry

    Guppy Allimentation Problem

    as long as it covers and prevents the fish from jumping out then i see no reason why not. are you thinking like a large water lettuce or lily or something along those lines?
  43. BobNJerry

    Guppy Allimentation Problem

    water parameters? for a jumping fish? put a cover or lid and they won't jump out.
  44. BobNJerry

    Finally Finishing Boris Karloff's Home

    oh boy to be afraid you're going to get slammed for the wrong substrate is not a good feeling! i have the same set up in my tank, black gravel, black background and live plants- you'll be really happy with that!
  45. BobNJerry

    Finally Finishing Boris Karloff's Home

    i think if a betta is comfy they don't need to hide. i like the driftwood better because it releases natural tannins in the water which is good for your betta. i don't know if the coconut does the same but i'm sure if it does someone will swiftly correct me! LOL! and what?!?!? too many...
  46. BobNJerry

    High Ammonia Levels!!

    goldfish produce a lot of waste - and if you are even the slightest bit overstocked you're going to have ammonia issues. Have you done any research on the internet? tons of info out there.
  47. BobNJerry

    New Betta :)

    i <3 him!! so pretty!!
  48. BobNJerry

    Need Help With Betta Fish

    i don't see anything..where is the spot in this pic?
  49. BobNJerry

    Cycled Tank Now Having Ammonia Problems??? Help Please

    how come you are using the ACCR Fritz Zyme and not the Fritz Zyme 700? i swear by it.. better then prime imo
  50. BobNJerry

    Hooray - Dwarf Water Lettuce Came!

    I will definitely do that... give it about 2 weeks and i'll have a bunch to post lol

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