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  1. lollipopkiller

    fish mailing mess up

    ok so i need some help. apparently something was lost in context in the post office. i thought i was very clear when i marked off liquid perishable live animal and said 1-2 day priority shipping with special care. i find out that it takes 3 days for the package to get there it wasnt handled with...
  2. lollipopkiller

    plants for sale

    java moss balls golf ball size - $1 each, softball sized $2 each all of the batch $7 water sprite 1 for $1, 10 for $8 mixed pack of all- all java moss and all 10 water sprites for $12 shipping is $5.80 flat rate 2 day priority mail. i will ship when i believe the weather is right in both...
  3. lollipopkiller

    please help me cure these 2 afflictions

    2 of my fish have started to get body rot from losing scales during travel. how would you cure that? and i dont even know what this is! its got my parrotfish and it looks like white pimples. they are really extended and gross please help!
  4. lollipopkiller

    mixed rams breeding?

    i went out to the pet store and seen some nice bolivian rams there. i bought a male and a female but now i think the female may be a german ram. can they breed or should i take one back and exchange it? also could i keep them with angelfish?
  5. lollipopkiller

    tank stock for cichlid community

    right now i have a over stocked cichlid community and i need some help evening out the balance. i have 5 cutteri cichlids im only keeping 3 of them. i have 3 JDs there is one pair and a single (female i believe). and there are 5 split fin live bearer males (maybe one female?). i have one planted...
  6. lollipopkiller

    collection trips?

    has anyone here ever been on a wild collection trip? i have the chance to go on one this year and was wondering if its a good idea? it sounds like it should be a lot of fun.
  7. lollipopkiller

    goldfish help!!!

    please help my goldfish is at the top of the tank swimming upside down i think he has swim bladder how can i help?
  8. lollipopkiller

    real fish ghost?!?

    ok so i was watching my JDs pairing up and was looking for the 3rd one, little runt. well i looked in Runts favorite spot to hide and i found him belly up dead tangles in the weeds. please make note that there are only 3 fish in this tank and runt has a very distinct patterning making him one...
  9. lollipopkiller

    new fish

    so i took a trip to a literal aquarium store and picked up these guys. this is Haunter the knife fish. he has 2 spots on one size and 3 on the other. and the other guy is speedy. speedy is a spotted haplo catfish. the last picture is the some of the aquarium part.
  10. lollipopkiller

    meet Cupid

    this is Cupid! she got her name from her heard shape and shes my first double tail betta! shes a bit small and i am hoping she gets along in my sorority tank! she seems to be a bit shy and my one male in there was showing intrest but she is to small for him so he moved on to following guppies...
  11. lollipopkiller

    heater help!!!!

    hey i just lost another one of my favorit fish due to a heater malfunction again! poor additude got boiled alive when i was at school. im not sure if someone tampered with it on purpose or not but i really need a reliable tamper proof heater. this is the second 10G heater i bought that...
  12. lollipopkiller


    what kinda of foods would you feed a ambush carnivore becides live foods? is there a carnivore pellet or something. it needs to not float and i dont know of any types that sink that are freeze dry or stuff like that.
  13. lollipopkiller

    betta babies birthday:)

    happy birthday betta babies!
  14. lollipopkiller

    JD pairing up

    i have 2 JDs that are pairing up now. they are shaking together and getting some crazy colors and they are always together. there is a smaller third one in the tank with them they dont pick on him but he seems to be getting excluded now and he used to be included. should i take him out and...
  15. lollipopkiller

    ghost and shadow.

    i would like to introduce ghost and shadow. i got them at the super pet expo today. ghost is a pastel veil/spade tail male betta. and shadow is a more wild/natural veiltail male betta. they are both wonderfully personable and ghost was from a new friend i made a LFS owner who i got ghost for...
  16. lollipopkiller

    ID for 2 fish

    can anyone identify these 2 fish? one is some sort of pike and the other is some sort of rasbora. i have never seen them before so im curious.
  17. lollipopkiller

    this is incredible

    ive seen alot of people playing with their pet fish. they pet the fish and they teach it tricks but i have never seen this behavior in a wild fish so i found this to be incredible. this lady and her friend the eel they play together once a year and the eel remembers her. what do you guys think...
  18. lollipopkiller

    darker colored?

    i have 4 baby jack dempsys around 2" each. 3 of them are light colored one is very dark colored. is it sick or is it just a domination thing? the freckleing on it is extremely blue with some red and purple freckles showing too now. is this normal for a jack dempsey? its not the biggest one in...
  19. lollipopkiller

    so excited!

    im ordering quite a few bettas in the near future for a special female breeding project in the future. im trying to breed lime green female bettas. i see brighter greens in females more then males and have come up with a plan attempt. im going to take my green female and cross with a light...
  20. lollipopkiller

    why do goldfish glup?

    my new goldfish Jackson is gluping around the tank through the top and all the sides and the corners and the floor. why is he glupping? he is glupping the plants and the stones. he swims up and down and size to side glupping at everything. he kinda reminds me of a snail. is that normal?

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