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  1. SopheeO-o

    Help Unidentified Disease Or Burn?

    She behaves like any normal betta, and yes she has burned herself before but, never have I seen her burn almost her whole head from the heater. It just appeared out of nowhere . I have Corys and a dwarf frog in the tank too and they appear to be fine.
  2. SopheeO-o

    Help Unidentified Disease Or Burn?

    So my betta for the past few days has had this red, brown spot around her head, and I don't know if this is a disease such as velvet or just another burn from getting to close to the heater.
  3. SopheeO-o

    Question Brown Alage??

    I've been seeing these brown spots appearing in my tank. I'm thinking its some type of algae, but its been in my tank for a couple of days. I've been able to wipe some of it off but it comes back. Is there some way to get rid of it?
  4. SopheeO-o

    Comment by 'SopheeO-o' in media 'Stxx20190111_192219'

    @Carolyn Underwood Thank you!!
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  8. SopheeO-o

    10 Gallon Tank Hello!!...

    Heyo, i'm kinda new to the freshwater aquarium hobby. I currently have a female betta in a 10gallon with some live plants

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