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    Tap water for salt water aquarium?

    Okay, so I am going to get a big at least 55 gallon tank, and I want to have a saltwater aquarium... can I use tap water and use chlorine killer and then put in the sea salt, and mix it up and then pour it into the aquarium that way? because I know that people get RO water, and that's just a...
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    Help Planning on setting up a Saltwater tank!

    I don't know if this is the right place, but I've been keeping freshwater tanks (all planted) for MANY MANY years now! And, I want to switch to Saltwater. Is there anything I should be aware of? Is it a lot more harder taking care of saltwater fishes than it is to take care of freshwater...
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    29 Gallon Tank Discus with Angels?

    Hello, I was wondering... since both discus and angelfish are from the Amazon and live together (somewhat) will the be fine in my tank? I have a good amount of live plants for them to hide in and I also have Festivum cichlids that won't do much damage to the discus at all either. Or will the...
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    Important My cousin put one green scat in with his fully grown angels!

    Help!! The small green scat is a bully to the angels. he said that he will be moving the scat into a brackish water tank later on when the scat gets bigger. What should I tell him? I didn't think that he would put such a fish in with angels! :S Help!!!
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    What plants will survive in Brackish water?

    Hello. I currently have amazon swords in my new tank that I have set up and for the moment it is a freshwater tank with NO fish and I added the swords in there just to get more oxygen to be in the water. It is a 55 gallon with T5 HO lights and I wanted to get some live plants that will survive...
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    Question Can these fish stay in freshwater while they are still young and small?

    Hello, I recently bought Archer Fish, Mono Argentis, and Green Scats. The manager said that the Archer fish are more hardy and can tolerate freshwater but they still like brackish water better. Mono Argentis fish can still stay in freshwater when they are young but they need salt or brackish...
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    Question Gouramis with Angelfish?

    Hey everyone It's been a long time since I have raised gouramis, but I only kept the dwarf with the small angels I don't know if I should get some gouramis. Would they be okay in a tank with 2 angels? I have a 29 gallon. I recently moved some fishes into a bigger tank so I have a lot...
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    Question T5 HO lights question

    I don't know if I should get the T5 HO fixture. Do they use a lot more electricity than the normal T8's? I have the T8's right now and I was planning on either getting a light fixture with two sockets or however you call them so then I can fit two light bulbs into the fixture and then I could...
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    Aqua Clear or Penguin Filters? Which one is best?

    Hey, I know I've got an aqua clear filter already but I hear some people say that the penguin filters are a lot better and others say they aren't the best.... my pet store uses them and they seem to be really good although the other pet store uses the aqua clear filters and they seem to be...
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    Update on my aquariums :)

    So I scraped off the algae a bit, but it still grows at an alarming rate, so that's why my oto cats are doing their best to clean off the algae but I had to introduce some snails too, so they can help eat the algae off of the glass on my tank, and my small pleco I think is getting lazy! I don't...
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    Overview of My Two Main Fish Tanks :)

    So I have decided to open up a blog about my fishes in my two main aquariums. I don't want to take pictures of my pond because it's really messy still, but fishes can still live in them So to make it more easier to read for some people, I have decided to put my paragraphs in different font...
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    How big will African Butterfly fish grow up to?

    Hello, I was thinking... since my 10 gallon has a betta and about 4 oto cats, I was thinking of getting an african butterfly fish. I saw one at a small pet store a long time ago and the man said that they aren't aggressive, they seem to be very docile to me, but if I am going to get one... how...
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    Will Archer and Monos and Scats eat flake foods?

    Hello. I was thinking since I have an empty tank now that I have transferred fishes into different tanks now I was thinking of having my 30 gallon full of small fishes People say that archers can be found in freshwater and the person at the pet store said I could try putting archers in...
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    Evolution of fish

    I hope this is the right place to post... but is there such thing as fish evolution? I know that in some religions people don't believe in evolution and that "god" created everything... I was going over some books and it says that there are many species of fish that have evolved to live in...
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    fish gasping for air

    Well then how can you explain that whenever I turned the bubbler on my fishes always suffer but when I don't have it on my fishes don't suffer :S
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    29 Gallon Tank Would two or more filters be good for a fish tank?

    Hello, I was thinking... since I have an aquaclear 30 filter for my 29 gallon and I was wondering if I have more than just one filter it will increase the filtration in my tank and the water will be crystal clear more often? I'd really like that since maybe only 1 filter might have to work...
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    My powder blue dwarf gourami looks like the fail and dorsal fins aren't looking good One of his fins he uses to glide his way through on one side it is stuck what can I do!? Should I use melafix? I need help!!!!! He is in my small 10 gallon with a male betta, about 8 neon tetras, and one...
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    Cloudy Water!

    Hello, My tank used to be clear until now... I have been feeding my black spotted eel frozen mysis shrimp which this one in the plastic container seems to produce a lot of oil like substance that floats at the top of my tank and also clouds my water! Help! What can I do? I have been doing...
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    Freshwater Black Spotted Eel Help

    Hello, I just bought a freshwater black spotted eel a few days ago, and I also bought in with them live ghost shrimp. Currently it hasn't been bothering my tetras or angels or my fire mouth cichlid (they've been ignoring each other) and anyways... I don't know if the black spotted eels are...
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    Banjo Catfish

    Hello, I was wondering... I want to get a banjo catfish to go with my small community aquarium. Right now I have one Firemouth Cichlid, One Common Pleco, One Sail fin Pleco, 3 Colombian Tetras, and 3 X-Ray tetras, and 3 angels. They are all in my 29 gallon tank for now, and I'll probably...

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