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    Fresh Start Up Ideas

    I broke down my 55G coldwater aquarium about two years ago and my boyfriend and I have decided it’s time to have a tank in our lives again. This time I want to try my hand at aquascaping seriously. I grew some plants before with relative success but my loaches and goldfish would ruin my success...
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    Need a name for my new baby!

    This is my new companion for my shubunkin. He needs a name!! Pretty sure my shubunkin has been sexed correctly as a female, her name is Dolly. I love sarasa comets and so picked this lil guy up at the store as no one seemed to be rehoming goldfish at the size I needed, think it's a male...
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    What should I do with my tank?

    I haven't posted in ages. I rehomed basically all my fish and left myself with my two smallest goldfish a while ago. I haven't had a job because I've been studying so I didn't do anything with them and I ended up with "Old Tank Syndrome" and one of my pair died. I've started revamping the...
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    Can anyone help ID this disease?

    I am at my wits end with this fish, I have no idea what's wrong with her but I don't want to put her to sleep until I've exhausted all avenues. Have any of you seen this before?
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    Hillstream Loach Fry

    My Hillies mated and I was able to catch it on film so you can see how they bury the fertilised eggs and everything The babies are getting big now and I'm including a snap of one
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    Goldfish has had dropsy symptoms for nearly 2 months

    I have a fully cycled tank with Goldfish and Hillstream loaches in it. The Hillstreams are breeding happily and the young are growing furiously. My test results are consistently showing the ammonia is broken down but the three yellow goldfish in the aquarium have lost their colour gradually...
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    I have a diva fish!

    Every time I take photos of my tank I find her in every shot! She just loves the camera. Here are some pics of my beautiful Clementine Best friends Showing off
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    Gasping at the air

    One of my fish gulps at the air... just one of them ;S I have no idea why she does it. She keeps doing it when the parameters are perfect and the other fish are happy. It's like a learned behaviour or she thinks the food is there. I can't work out why she does it. It doesn't seem to have...
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    Is it wrong to stop feeding flake food?

    I am thinking of stopping feeding my goldfish flake food altogether. I feed them bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia on alternate days in the morning and peas/sweetcorn/broccoli/grape and algae wafers at night. They also get the occasional prawn. Is this enough variety or should I...
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    First time feeding zucchini!

    For some reason I have never thought to feed my fish zucchini until I came on this forum and saw how crazy for it your fish all seem. I think mine might like it too! Look at those big mouths! I put an algae wafer in with it to give them the right idea but it doesn't look like I needed to...
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    Males aren't interested in spawning...

    Good Evening Everyone, My female goldfish has been full of eggs for about 3 days or so and none of my males are showing breeding stars. They ignore her when she tried to rub on them. Does anyone have any tips for encouraging them? Short of that, will she reabsorb the eggs or could it cause...
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    I got Hillstream Loaches!

    I rescaped my tank since I last added pics of it, I put an extra filter in it and an airstone. Then I added more rocks and built some caves. I added some big smooth pebbles and left it to grow some algae for my new Hillstram Loaches! A few hours later and the four of them are scooting all...
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    Clay Root Fertiliser Balls with Iron

    Good Evening Fishlorians I have just put clay root fertiliser balls into my coldwater aquarium. Has anyone used them before? (any brand..) I am going to keep you updated on the progress with them and upload some pictures of them too
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    I can't get the balance between good plant growth and stopping algae

    I've changed my lighting pattern and I've slowed down with the fertiliser. I'm doing more regular water changes and now my plants are flourishing. But so is the algae!! It's growing all over the leaves. Does anything other than snails eat it? How do you guys stop that? I want it to grow on...
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    Monitoring oxygen levels

    We're always trying to keep our oxygen levels perfect. I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A TEST KIT AVAILABLE! Needless to say I will be purchasing that this evening
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    What kind of fish did you first get?

    I thought this could be informative and also interesting about us all as forum members... What kind of fish did you get as your first one and how did you manage with it? I was given a community tropical tank when I was 4 years old because I was absolutely enthralled by fish as a child. I had...
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    I'm going to get myself a fishy Christmas present!

    I've decided to start a planted tank on my desk under the premise of "the fry tank". Having recently moved back to my parents for the foreseeable future (for various reasons) I have returned to that stage in life no one minded the first time round but everyone detests if it has to return. I...
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    I can't seem to keep anubias plants alive!

    I have pogostemon helferi (although the goldies munch it to death), hygrophelia, and some twisted grass stuff which grows like mad. I plant straight into gravel, is that why every type of anubias dies? I haven't got a clue with plants sometimes ;/
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    Does anyone else's pets like to watch their fish?

    My fishtank sits at the bottom of my bed and there is nothing my house rabbit loves to do more on a peaceful evening than sit up on the foot board and watch the fish for about half an hour! It's really cute!
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    I guess this is a moan

    I have just "sold" my 25G tank, filter, heater, gravel, gravel vac and plants to a friend of my parents. He decided he wanted a tank for his office. I've tried explaining that even though he has all this stuff he is still going to need: a hood, a lighting compartment, bulbs, rocks or bogwood...

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