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    Can anyone identify this cichlid?

    got this guy today (orange one) unsure of what its name is only know it had dragon in it
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    Silver Sharks Rubbing each other Up???

    I have 3 bala sharks and 2 of them are constantly swiming side by side rubbing up against each other does anyone know what this is? is it a mating or breeding thing?
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    anyone know about saulosi and acei cichlids?

    i recently bought 2 bright yellow saulosi cichlids and 1 acei cichlids i purchased them because i heard they were smaller and less "aggressive". will either of the yellow ones changed colour if they're male or female? or are the males completely different? a bit off topic but is it true if a...
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    is this too overstocked????

    i have a 30 gallon setup its about 62x38.5x45cm 30 gallon tank with plenty of rocks and ornaments on the bottom with cichlids 2 x convicts 2 x re forest jewel 2 x auratus 2 x acei 2 x soulosi 3 x bala sharks 1 x blue guarami (adult full grown) 1 x angel........things seem ok all the species seem...
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    FREAKSHOW Texas Cross Convict cichlids living in my community tank

    Has anyone ever heard of this before???????.......i had an already set up tropical community tank with lots of rocks its a 40 gallon tank. getting bored with what i have (silvers sharks) (angels) ) (clown Loaches) (Blue guarami) after seeing my friends Cichlid tank i purchased 2 baby Convict...
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    Cichlids-why cant everyone just get along

    ive only had my tank a few weeks and only discovered this site a few days ago so sorry if i am posting alot of problems but i bought a cichlid last week (a jack dempsy x convict) and he is about 2cm's and today i bought another of the same breed who is very slightly smaller than him and within a...

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