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    Betta Tank Temperature

    Hi everyone I live in Florida and I have an outside patio with screen all over allowing air flow however it does have an insulated roof but it does get quite warm. I have my turtles tank out there and they love it, so I decided to place all my Bettas outside in the patio on this nice setup I...
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    Does Tetra Safe Start Actually Work?

    hi everyone I have set up my 10 gallon for my Betta that I got yesterday and used tetra safe start prime and stress coat also an ammonia tablet but the ammo is reading continues to read 0.50 and I don’t know what to do? I want to add my fish to the bigger tank because he’s in a small glass 2...
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    Is This Fin Rot?

    hi everyone I rescued this beautiful Betta yesterday and I think he has fin rot on his top fin and I started using Betta fix on him but I would like to know if anyone else suggest anything better. Thank you I will post a pic of him he’s the white one. And also Jeff my other Betta which I’ve had...
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    Dilemma Any Way I Can Speed Up Cycling?

    Hi guys! I currently own a 30 gallon community tank with a pair of angels and two platys and i have also become a Betta lover. I bought Jeff a few weeks ago and he’s beautiful and he lives in a single 2.5 gallon tank which I was going to move him to my 10 gallon and I was going to divide for him...
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    Question Betta Help Spots On Head

    Hi guys I’m new to this forum and I have a beautiful Betta named Jeff I will attach some pictures but I noticed he has two weird big spots on the top of his head which I believe they were not there when I got him. I’ve had him for about 3 weeks now and he seems to be swimming fine and eats well...
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    Platy Question

    Hi everyone I have a 30 gallon tank with 1 pair of angels 2 male platys one clown loach and a baby Yoyo loach and I’ve noticed one of my male platy is constantly chasing the other male I’m not sure if it’s playing or normal for them to do this type of behavior I’m just a little concerned? I have...

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