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  1. Beebop

    Advice On Bubble Nest

    Hi so I have a community tank with one male and three female Bettas and no they don't fight the tank is big enough and the male is calm... So recently he had a nest and bred with one of the females in the community tank. The corys destroyed the nest and the black tetras ate the eggs.... So I...
  2. Beebop

    Question What Am I??

    OK so this is my female betta turned male lol just wondering if anybody know what kind he is I mean at first it look like a girl then a plakat and now I really don't know?? Any clues ?
  3. Beebop

    Help Corydoras Injury

    Hi I have a community tank with three peppered corydoras ... they are massive and Hardy but somehow one has hurt his whisker.. I'm thinking it might be the gravel ..none of the fish bother the Cory'siif anything they are pretty bargy He is laying funny and it looks hurt ... Any advice on...
  4. Beebop

    Help I'm Confused - Betta Gender And Age?

    Hi I'm glad to have found this site ! So have had a community tank for a year now with one vailtail male betta 3 females a few corydoras. Tetras and one pleco all was great for nearly a year!! until one femal died (she wasn't beat up) so I replaced her to keep things even.. Turns out I think...

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