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    RIP Jack

    Jack, our oldest Betta died today. We had him for a year and a half. He was fine yesterday, today he was gone. We will miss you Jack.:'(
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    pleco chillin

    Got a shot of Mr. Blue today
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    my rcs think I'm yummy

    It was hard to get a photo, but there where 6 more on my arm...
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    Lexi's RAOK contest!

    Hello everyone! This contest will be for the winner'ss choice of java moss, water sprite or guppy fry. I will pay shipping. The contest: I just posted a thread detailing my cycle experiment. The person who geusses correctly ( or closest to) the number of days it will take for this...
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    cycle experiment

    There is a lul in our ability to move forward with our stocking plans very much right now, and out of boredom , I have decide to try an experiment. The experiment: My experiment will be to see if I can cycle my 2 gallon tank using my tap water as my ammonia source. Granted it may take a while...
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    scammers! uggh

    They tryed to get me, but they didn't. Three days ago I got a text message saying my bankcard had been deactivated, and linked a bank website taking me to a page wanting me to enter my account information. The page looked real, bank heading at top, the box where you inter your info looked almost...
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    Saw the biggest albino cory I have ever seen yesterday

    So while peeking around the tanks at the LFS yesterday, I spoted a fish, it loked like a albino cory but this thing was as big around as a pepperoni slice! Before we left I asked one of the workers, and he said it was a albino cory and that the owners had taken down thir tank after 10 or so...
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    Ordering Blue Angelfish questions

    Hey everyone! As many of you may have seen our 125gal tank is now set up. It will take us a while to stock this tank, but soon we will be ready to order a group of juvie blue angels to grow out in another tank, in hopes to get a pair. Here is where the questions come in. All the different...
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    Oh NO!!!!!

    My poor betta. Yesterday I received the betta I won from Dlondon95's RAOK contest. We divided one of our betta's (Skittles) tank for him. I watched them last night and today and they didn't seem to notice eachother through the divider. Then, this afternoon I come home from our Friday...
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    Rainbowfish for 125gal

    Hi everyone! Progress is moving along now in setting up our 125gal tank. The hubby wants a school of rainbow fish but which ones? I would like a school of 10 to 15, and they would need to fit with this stocking list: 4 angelfish ( 1 pair will be blue angels) 2 apistogramma agassizi tefe...
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    Times are off.

    Hey, I am sure this isn't a huge deal, but the post times are a hour off from "fishlore time". Just happened to notice this. Nevermind now its right again?
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    worried about my plecos

    Hi everyone! I am having a slight panic attack at the moment. I came home from doing some stuff I needed to do, and checked on the new L239 plecos. I saw that they looked like they had a gold sheen to them and jumped online trying to find out if this is part of their coloration or if they...
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    Blue panaque plecos L239 coming!

    Some of the members that have been on here a while may remember that last year I promised a fish to my hubby, Chris (mtsguy21) for father's day. The place I planned to order it from never did seem to get them in stock, and other things put this plan on hold. However after almost a year, I have...
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    corkscrew val

    This plant is new to me, I just got some last week is it normal for this plant to melt like a crypt?
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    30 Gallon Tank bottom feeders for asian biotype?

    Hi everyone! One of my friends at work who knows I am nutty about fish has ask me to help him out. He has a lot of asian themed decor in his house and would like me to help him set up a couple fish tanks for his house. After discussing it with him, we landed on a asian biotype tank and a...
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    The beauty products thread!

    Conversations on recent threads have got me wondering what beauty products do the ladys( and men ifyou have any) swear by? My bathroom shelves look like a small drug store asile, but here are my favorites: Hair: It depends on how I am keeping my hair currently useing: Organix coconut milk...
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    My First Airplane Ride

    Hi everyone! I am really excited I found out yesterday that next Thursday I get to go on a plane for the first time! I'm really looking forward to it... sorry if this is silly...
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    Hand feeding the fish

    Ok, so I got bored tonight, and allthough it's not "feed the fish day" at our house, I decide to see if any of the fish would eat out of my hand. I started with the 75gal, I held a large flake between my fingers, just under the water. The kerri's had no problem swimming up and taking a...
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    My angels and their eggs!

    Hi everyone I wanted to share some photos of my angels, Sam and Castiel.
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    strange guppy fry

    Hi everyone! Just a quick question, my female guppies have been droping fry in the past couple of weeks, we have four batches right now. The last one came from a new female we got a few days ago. The first few batches all look like normal guppy fry, clear little mini guppies. This last batch is...

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