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  1. Kindafishy

    Slender... A not so happy ending.

    It's a shame you don't live nearer to me. There is a LFS here that has a big, pudgy albino axolotl that would probably love your care.
  2. Kindafishy

    Lighting for Planted 10

    This one would definitely hit your criteria. It might get you into high light, so you should give thought to injected CO2. That company also makes a Pent that would lower the PAR a bit over this one.
  3. Kindafishy

    Please identify this beauty!

    I have a male signifer like that. He wasn't much to look at when I 1st got him, but he is beautiful now, especially when he flares.
  4. Kindafishy

    Stand Questions

    If those were my only 2 options, I would go with the work table. That card table is not strong enough. The 1 caveat, is that I am only seeing nails in the work table. I would reinforce with some screws, or maybe even some lag bolts.
  5. Kindafishy

    Slender... A not so happy ending.

    Much like us, our little aquatic friends are very complex organisms. Despite our knowledge, there is still much to learn. There is no way we can be ready for every issue that comes up.
  6. Kindafishy

    Slender... A not so happy ending.

    Sad Kindafishy is sad . I had seen how hard you worked to keep Slender happy and healthy, so I know this is a big blow to you. He couldn't have had a better keeper.
  7. Kindafishy

    Can Luft Pump be refurbished?

    It sounds like the diaphragm has worn out. Have you opened it up to look at it/them? If that's the case, I would contact the company about a replacement. If they can't replace them, a little silicone to cover the tear might get the job done.
  8. Kindafishy

    Help! I screwed up. Twice.

    Bettas are pretty tough. I would just sit tight and see how he is doing tomorrow. Is your filter working correctly?
  9. Kindafishy

    Please recommend an HOB filter with some specific requests

    Will the AC30 be too much flow for a 10 gallon tank?
  10. Kindafishy

    Please recommend an HOB filter with some specific requests

    I have a 10 gallon tank I want to overfilter and be able to grow some Pothos in. I have a list that I'm hoping can be fulfilled. 1. Over sized for tank 2. Adjustable flow so I don't freak out the inhabitants 3. Good sized tank for filtration media and room for Pothos roots 4. Good quality...
  11. Kindafishy

    Do different Pseudomogil species tend to fight?

    That was very in depth and helpful. Thanks.
  12. Kindafishy

    Do different Pseudomogil species tend to fight?

    Thanks, Sarcasm. If they stay together, will that just be too much stress for them to consider breeding?
  13. Kindafishy

    Do different Pseudomogil species tend to fight?

    I had placed 2 male Pseudomogil furcatus and 4 females in my newer tank. Before I knew they were jumpers, 3 of the females became carpet biscuits. I went back to the store to replace them and they had just gotten some new stock. After a couple of weeks, it became painfully obvious that...
  14. Kindafishy

    Can you help me ID these plants?

    The 1st plant is java fern. The next one appears to be a sword, but I'm not 100% on the species. I'm struggling with the 3rd, but a closer picture would help. The last one is an Anubias of some kind - likeli barteri.
  15. Kindafishy

    My 448g tank

  16. Kindafishy

    Affordable lighting for a 6ft planted tank

    Those are Beamswork lights, which I was going to recommend. This one from the same seller, will give you better PAR ratings, however. At 25" above substrated, it will probably have you in the low, possibly mid range.
  17. Kindafishy

    Puffer Fish

    Yes, surprisingly so. I bought a tiny pea puffer and put it in a 65 gallon, well-established, planted tank with a bunch of fish much bigger than it was before I knew their reputation. It was the size of a pea and within 2 days had every other fish on the run and numerous fins paid the price.
  18. Kindafishy

    Looking to get out of DIY. Recommendations please.

    You may want to keep an eye on They sent one of the very experienced regulator guys on the Planted Tank forums 1 of their new dual stage units that is set to come out this week or next. He had very good things to say about it and the prices are likely to be very reasonable.
  19. Kindafishy

    Multiple tiny holes in Gouramis' head

    It sounds like hole in the head. How often do you change the water? What do you feed them? You may be able to resolve this with frequent water changes and adding a powdered vitamin to the food.
  20. Kindafishy

    Black diamond ultra fine?

    I'll bet some MTS would love to sift that sand for you
  21. Kindafishy

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SEACHEM flourish and SEACHEM flourish trace???

    Flourish is primarily made of the macronutrients for plants, like potassium nitrate & potassium sulfate. It has some others, including some of the trace elements that plants need, but it is my understanding that Flourish by itself doesn't meet all the trace needs of plants. Adding Flourish Trace...
  22. Kindafishy

    Ozelot sword

    I hope someone has an answer for you as I am facing the same question. Granted, my Ozelot has only been in the tank for a few weeks, but the way everything else grows, I expected a bit more.
  23. Kindafishy

    Are my plants doing ok? New to fresh water aquariums

    If you leave the new moneywort growth alone, everything will still grow fine. The new portion will grow much faster, if you remove it and replant.
  24. Kindafishy

    Are my plants doing ok? New to fresh water aquariums

    The info above on the Rotala is dead on. The small shoot coming off the Moneywort can be removed at their base, just near the main stem, and replanted to grow a new stem. Or you can leave it as-is to make the plant bushier.
  25. Kindafishy

    Angelfish Chameleon?

    I know fish can change color quickly, but that is an amazing change. Looks like you got a 2 for 1 deal.
  26. Kindafishy

    A certainly unusual question

    Shrimp -positive Guppies - positive Other baby fish - positive Sometimes, it's unavoidable. Some people take apart a shower scrunchie and cut off a piece to rubber band over the end of the siphon tube. This will prevent all but the smallest critters being sucked up.
  27. Kindafishy

    How to keep plants in the sand?

    I just bought some plant anchors. They are plastic discs with cuts in the middle. You slide in the plant and then put the anchor in the substrate. I haven't had a chance to use mine yet, but they would probably work very well for you.
  28. Kindafishy

    Meet Bean, AKA Little Man :)

    That python is gorgeous. Your new reptile is much like a human baby - head so much bigger than body. So, were you setting up the enclosure for another lizard, or were you preparing it for when you bought another?
  29. Kindafishy

    New Betta: Is he really a dragonscale?

    It's hard to tell from those pics, but I think he might be a dragonscale. He is a beauty, though.
  30. Kindafishy

    Parrot fish laid eggs

    Parrots are usually infertile. If it were me, I'd just let them be a high-protein snack for any interested fish.
  31. Kindafishy

    First tank in over a decade, some questions

    You have gotten quite a bit of good advice above, but a coup;le things should be mentioned. First, once the water has fresh dechlorinator added, you need to wait 24 hours to add the TSS. Second, although danios have a good chance of seeing your tank through the cycling process, a fishless...
  32. Kindafishy

    Question Will TSS work in SW?

    I don't think so. There are at least a couple of brands of bacteria specifically for saltwater setups, however.
  33. Kindafishy

    Interested In getting cpo crayfish

    There certainly are no guarantees, but you can find many discussions on these forums where people have had zero problems with the dwarf crayfish. Mine were kept with guppies, Peacock gudgeons, Bolivian rams, serpae tetras and angelfish.
  34. Kindafishy

    Interested In getting cpo crayfish

    As a general rule, they are peaceful and usually leave other fish alone. At one point, I had 8 dwarf crays in my 65 gallon tank and they never bothered any other fish or plants. You can also find them on Aquabid and Elite inverts. Ms. Jinkzd may have them also.
  35. Kindafishy

    This is my new favorite photo that I've taken! His name is Fosfomycin!

    One of my favorite professors in college was a microbiologist. Fast-paced, energetic, and fun were common adjectives used for her. She had a Master's degree, which was very rare for teaching at that level. The usual Doctor that taught the class was away on sick leave. If all Master's...
  36. Kindafishy

    This is my new favorite photo that I've taken! His name is Fosfomycin!

    That is a fantastic picture of a fantastic fish! Did you enhance the photo at all? Also, you named him after an antibiotic?
  37. Kindafishy

    Python question

    With your chlorine binder, you want to add enough to treat th whole tank, directly to the tank just before you start adding back the fresh water. The water flow through the Python creates the suction to pull water from the tank.
  38. Kindafishy

    Nerite snail refuses to stay in water, eat

    How do you test the water parameters and what are the readings? Often, when invertebrates won't stay in the water, it's because of an elevation in ammonia/nitrites/nitrates.
  39. Kindafishy

    Just got my blue Rili in mail!!

    Those are beautiful. Please update this post from time to time with some more pics.
  40. Kindafishy

    real fish ghost?!?

  41. Kindafishy

    Newbie with a 55 gallon

    I'm no saltwater expert, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but with a sump, you shouldn't need the canister filter. All of those functions occur in the sump.
  42. Kindafishy

    Where to place new plants?

    The Bacopa should go to the sides or the back of the tank as it can grow tall. The Staurogyne should stay up front as it stays low.
  43. Kindafishy

    My first aquascape

    Definitely more a Rotala than an Alternanthera.
  44. Kindafishy

    Help with plant ID (photos)

    Looks like Ludwigia repens to me.
  45. Kindafishy

    Shrimp Only Tank 22Ltr nano cube 30

    Any other Neocardinia sp. will interbreed with the RCS and you will end up with some bland, brown shrimp. You could throw in ghost, Amano, Vampire. bamboo or Cardinia sp.
  46. Kindafishy

    I have eggs! how do I change water?

    If I were to take some water out, then add some in and repeat that several times, would it be dangerous as long as the eggs stayed covered with water?
  47. Kindafishy

    I have eggs! how do I change water?

    My year old angelfish paired off this past week and I had the pleasant surprise of finding eggs this afternoon! The problem is, they are toward the top of the aquarium on the glass. Normally, I do water changes on Sundays, but this will leave the eggs uncovered. So, how do I get fresh...
  48. Kindafishy

    Lighting for Plant Growth

    Higher light intensity. But either one will give you excessive algae growth, if you don't add CO2.
  49. Kindafishy

    My tank is missing... something...

    Some nice driftwood pieces with with anubias or mosses attached always look good. You could also add some nice swords or Aponogetons. Those fill out quite a bit of width and height, if you pick the right ones.
  50. Kindafishy

    Maintence on a sun sun can

    You don't need to do anything with biomedia. The exception is if there is a lot of gunk attached to it. Then just a quick rinse in aquarium water to knock off the excess. The biomedia is where the beneficial bacteria live, so it is important to leave them intact. When you rinse out the pads...

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