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  1. Paradise fish

    What Is The Easiest And Most Successful Way To Pellet Train Rtg Arowana?

    Never had a Arowana, but you can starve the fish for a week.
  2. Paradise fish

    What Are All The Fish That Could Live In A 55 Gal

    Oscar? Any larger cichlid would do, but not too large. An Oscar would be the biggest you could have.
  3. Paradise fish

    Nerites Loose Door, Haven't Moved, No Smell

    I had a nerite that I thought was dead for a week. I put it in a different tank with healthier conditions then a week after that it started to move and eat again. It's probably acclimating.
  4. Paradise fish

    3 Questions About Lighting...

    Dimmers aren't necessarily. You can dim the lights by placing the light higher from the water. Most recommend between 6-10 hours a day. To avoid algae from new lights you should start out with only 6 hours a day, with or without a break, then increase over a course of a month until you start...
  5. Paradise fish

    Is This Soil Okay?

    As long as it has no fertilizers added and says it's all organic it should be fine. Find one that says no fertilizers. You'll know because it doesn't say stuff like "feeds plants up to 3 months". It's usually the cheapest one. This soil says that it contains organic fertilizer, which could mean...
  6. Paradise fish

    I Don't Have Enough Algae!

    If they can keep your plants clean of algae you can have the light on as long as you want up to 10 hours. Also know that new snails would've most likely starved therefore they ate much more than they need. Give it about a week and they'll slow down their grazing.
  7. Paradise fish

    Shrimp Haven, Low-tech Carpets, & Cool Anubias

    I created this unique set up as a luxury forever paradise for my Fantasy Blue Dream Velvet Shrimp. It contains everything a dwarf shrimp could ever want and then some. Filtration To start out with I chose a 20L as I knew that I have quite a lot of bio load to account for. As many of you know...
  8. Paradise fish

    Betta Help Please

    Did you cycle your tank? And for the Peroxide treatment, the dosage is 1-3 ml per volume of water. Not tank size.
  9. Paradise fish

    Caribsea Aragonite And Ph

    It really depend on the water volume and the amount of sand, and also how long it sits before the next water change. So far to the best of my knowledge there isn't any formula to get the perfect pH. But I believe it'll raise it to the higher pH.
  10. Paradise fish

    Miniature Shrimp Tank

    So cycling the small container was a bit of a task, but other than that my shrimp is doing fine! For minerals, I just do water changes with tap water. If I see nutrition deficiencies in my plants, I do a large water change in my other bigger tank, dose fertilizers in there, then use the...
  11. Paradise fish

    Am I Starving My Plants? Suggestions Welcome.

    Hope you know that lighting a 55 gallon tank will be much harder to do than a shallow 10 gallon. Therefore I highly suggest a LED with at least 6500K color temperature or a CFL of the same spectrum. Raising the surface agitation will only be beneficial to the fish, but as bettas can breath...
  12. Paradise fish

    Is This Too Much Water Flow?

    Test it yourself. Turn off the wave makers and see if they act any different.
  13. Paradise fish

    Bubble Nest Or Just Normal Bubbles ?

    Male gouramis do many times build bubble nests for no other reason than that they feel good. A lower pH and or floating items can cause it too. If it's aquarium foam, it could mean that there's excess organics within the water. Carbon and vacuuming will fix that.
  14. Paradise fish

    Wtb: Sand Sifting Snails

    I don't have any, but if you can get ahold of some Theira Winteri snails they'll be great. And how deep is your substrate?
  15. Paradise fish

    Added More Decor And Plants

    I think you should get just 2 more neon tetras and get a centerpiece fish, as you now have Schoolers/shoalers Cleaners/bottom feeders, but not yet a Centerpiece.
  16. Paradise fish

    Am I Starving My Plants? Suggestions Welcome.

    I think a couple things other than what @el337 said about the lighting. 1) the sponge filter may deplete all available CO2 and may cause your plants to suffocate. But this is only common with high light tanks with more demanding plants, so this may not be the case. 2) this is probably the main...
  17. Paradise fish

    Betta Fish

    A horned bumblebee nerite snail stays small and are great for being housed with bettas. I keep them with a Paradise fish and a couple dojo loaches whom are known for eating snails. The shape of their shells and the horns may deterr your fish from attacking it. A few larger Amano shrimp could...
  18. Paradise fish

    Wanting To Plant My Tank...what Do I Need To Start?

    Been some time. How's your tank going along?
  19. Paradise fish

    Wanting To Plant My Tank...what Do I Need To Start?

    Flourish Excel is a type of glutaraldehyde (had to Google this to spell it) which is a form of algaecide. It is the best way to defeat black beard algae. It produces carbon as it's natural breakdown which the plants can take up. Honestly, I wouldn't use it unless you have black beard algae...
  20. Paradise fish

    Gouramis 10 Gallon

    A centerpiece fish. Like bettas in a 5.
  21. Paradise fish

    Wanting To Plant My Tank...what Do I Need To Start?

    Wow. Way to overwhelm the beginner guys. I'll give you a list that fits your criteria pretty well but also are easy plants that you can have fun growing. Literally, almost no-brainer plants that are too stubborn to die from their owner's inexperience or mistakes. No need for fancy fertilizers...
  22. Paradise fish

    2.5 Gallon Too Small For Rcs?

    The only problem is that shrimps breed. You can have up to 25 shrimp in there and it would be still considered understocked bio load wise, but once the shrimp start to breed and multiply, you're looking into over populating, which is a serious health and hygiene issue. I have a 7.5 gallon tank...
  23. Paradise fish

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sexing?!?

    Shrimp Sexing, Color, size, and saddles are useless when trying to determine young shrimp or all female adult shrimp. It is true that female shrimp have better colors, but there are male shrimp which are as good as the best female especially with the higher qualities. Also, the shrimp...
  24. Paradise fish

    Are Any Of These Rcs Males?

    Show me a perfect side view.
  25. Paradise fish

    How To Slow Filter Current

    It could but only do so by clogging the filter. You can instead try to redirect the flow by making and attaching a shelf under the outtake, having the water ripple the surface more instead of plunging deep into the tank. Raising the water line will also help. I do this all the time with my low...
  26. Paradise fish

    Shrimp Deaths And Dosage Advice

    I've successfully battled milky and internal bacterial infections with daily 30% water changes along with hydrogen peroxide. What are you feeding them? Is it a actual shrimp food brand? Other foods may have too much copper. For example, Fluval's new Bug Bites, even though I love it, has too...
  27. Paradise fish

    Why A Nitrogen Cycle Nowadays???

    You actually still could do that with very hardy fish like zebra danios, white clouds, and/or rosy minnows. The closest thing to what you're describing is Seachem Stability used with Seachem Prime. Dose the tank everyday for 7 days, 50% water change, then dose 7 more days. Simple as that...
  28. Paradise fish

    Always Wondered About Betta Tank Size

    I personally think anything above 2.5 gallons can house a single betta. Not 2.5 gallons itself. It depends on the amount of work you're willing to provide. A 2.7 gallon tank without any live plants may need 10% daily water changes, while having it stuffed with fast growing and high nutrient...
  29. Paradise fish

    Fish Compatibility For New Aquarium

    I personally would try adding them together unless you have as much experience with monster fish as the King himself. Also, you should know that Joey himself said that a minimum size for a single arowana kept by itself is 8'x3' (about 2.4 m by 1 m), with a height not really important as long as...
  30. Paradise fish

    Gouramis 10 Gallon

    A single female dwarf gourami will be fine in a 10 gallon.
  31. Paradise fish


    Pet store plant nurseries usually grow their plants emersed because they grow faster and they don't get algae. It takes the plant a few weeks to months to covert into the immersed form.
  32. Paradise fish

    Is This Cyanobacteria?

    Peroxide kills things by oxidation. Kind of like rust. Free floating oxygen wants to bind to things by taking chucks off other materials, like from hydrogen to make water. It does the same thing to germs, killing it. The protective slime coating on your fish will protect them from this effect
  33. Paradise fish

    6h Power Outage

    I recommend doing a water change after the power comes back on. If any bacteria died off then you'll have ammonia within your filter. This can be prevented with adding a bubbler within your filter while the power is out. I highly recommend getting a battery powered air pump as it's much...
  34. Paradise fish

    Anyone Know What Snail This Is?

    Bladder snails can actually be a great addition to a planted tank. They eat algae from the glass, algae from your plants, clean up dying plants, eat your leftover fish food, and organics within the gravel. Essentially, they're doing what you should be doing as a responsible aquarist. They'll...
  35. Paradise fish

    Plant That Causing Shrimp Dead

    What is your set up info? For example, Tank size? Substrate? How long has it been running? What other plants do you have? What do you feed?
  36. Paradise fish

    Cherry Shrimp Question

    You could do this: You can keep both shrimp colors, but only males of one color. For example, cherry shrimp females, yellow shrimp females, but only yellow shrimp males. That way, the offsprings of the yellow shrimp will stay yellow and only the cherry shrimp may give birth to mixed culls...
  37. Paradise fish

    Diy Spray Bar

    How big is your tank?
  38. Paradise fish

    Tank Cycle - How Much Ammonia To Use

    There's study showing that ammonia and nitrite levels above 1 ppm can suppress some bacteria growth, but I don't think they used detoxifiers like Prime. Worth noting though. You want to dose every day to keep the concentration where you want. It's also best if you dosed partial amounts...
  39. Paradise fish

    Using Mesh Root Baskets For Plants

    Just use hydrogen peroxide. Use a medicine syringe to spray it directly to the plants, not exceeding a concentration of 3 ml per gallon of water. I suggest starting at 1 ml/gal. Turn off your filters for an hour when you dose. Peroxide will turn to pure water within 24hrs so water changes aren't...
  40. Paradise fish

    Diy Spray Bar

    What is your turnover rate?
  41. Paradise fish

    Deep Water Lighting For Planted

    I think Kessil will be fine, but it really depends on what plants you're planning on keeping.
  42. Paradise fish

    Easiest Plants Possible

    From my experience, the LED lighting works differently than the watts per gallon rule. If you have 1 watt per gallon with a plant depth of about 12", you have a decent moderate lighting. 18" depth will be low lighting. <10" with crystal clear water and now you have a low range high lighting...
  43. Paradise fish

    Chinese Evergreen For A Balanced Water Chemistry

    I'm sure 20 stocks of pothos will do a better job than a single whatever else plant. And how does the root structure not work? Are you aware that the plants, and to a lesser extent the fish, absorb the minerals in the water? They don't just sit in it, they absorb it and use it to grow. The...
  44. Paradise fish

    Anyone Ever Gotten A Java Fern From Petco?

    Some of the leaves are in emersed form (grown out of the water) so you'll see them start to turn black and die. Just wait for a month and you'll see more growth.
  45. Paradise fish

    Dwarf Hairgrass

    The length is the easiest way to tell them apart. Also, the scientific names written below the common name will let you know for sure. If you live in the states, Petsmart sells the first two kinds labeled "Dwarf Hairgrass" and "Miniature Dwarf hairgrass".
  46. Paradise fish

    New South East Asia Biotope Aquarium

    Love the Samurai gourami idea!
  47. Paradise fish

    Plants With Goldfish - Will These Work?

    Keeping live plants with goldfish?
  48. Paradise fish

    Easiest Plants Possible

    What's the strength of your lighting, what substrate do you have, and how do they die?
  49. Paradise fish

    Chinese Evergreen For A Balanced Water Chemistry

    Pothos will work great as well! And forget the distilled or RO water. The plants and fish need the minerals.
  50. Paradise fish

    Carpet Plants Recommendations?

    Eco Complete Plant Substrate, right? For a 60 gallon tank? I'd do pygmy chain swords. Will grow like a weed.

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