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  1. Damien808

    Betta Has A Bump On The Side Of His Head

    my Betta has had this bump developing over the past month or so that I've had him. it doesn't seem to be affecting him behavior wise and appetite but I'm unsure on what to do about it. any advice and help will be appreciated.
  2. Damien808

    Dhg Runners Turning Brown

    I planted one pot of dhg about 3 and a half weeks ago and it seems like every runner that comes up dies within a week. The tips turn brown and then the whole blade. The roots are healthy but the blades aren't. It's a ten gallon tank with two 23w CFLs 6500k. I have diy co2 running at a bubble...
  3. Damien808

    Root Scape?

    Does it look alright or should I add more? This tank is 3 ft long and most of the wood that I used and didn't use are 4 ft.
  4. Damien808

    Moving Tank.

    Thinking about moving my current stock from my 30 gallon long (2 rams and 4 cories) to my 20 long which currently has nothing. Would it be alright. Here's the tank I want to move them to. Here's where they're coming from (it's gonna be hard to wrestle the cories out from under all the plants)...
  5. Damien808

    Replacement Filter For 30 Gallon Long

    Need a new filter for my 30 gallon. Currently have a fluval 206 on it but it's so loud and it's in my room so can't sleep without turning the flow completely down because the impeller makes the loudest noise. I just finished cleaning it to check if snail shells or rocks were in it and nothing...
  6. Damien808

    Ludwigia Repens Or Rotala

    I have a 20 long with a finnex stingray over it. Would the plants above do alright? Tanks dirted.
  7. Damien808


    I currently have two gbrs and 6 emerald cats in my 30 gallon. What else would you addxa? Looking for a school or something the gbrs and cats hide most of the day.
  8. Damien808

    20 Gallon Long

    Where does a finnex fugeray planted plus put me at in terms of light level? Low or medium?
  9. Damien808

    Tetra Whisper 40-60 or 60-100?

    Im trying to find a pump to run through a gangvalve that will be strong enough to power 4 sponge filters. If either of the ones above will get the job done let me know. if you have a better suggestion please tell me. thanks
  10. Damien808

    Fluval chi rescape.... Again lol

    I found bigger rocks outside in my pile of lava rock and was wondering if this looks right? My parents are no help cause they think everything looks "good". image
  11. Damien808

    What do you feed your fish everyday?

    Hi everyone i know that there are a multitude of fish foods out there and i seem to gravitate towards the omega one brand. what do you feed your community tanks on the daily? I feed omega one super color flakes and omega one sinking pellets for my cories alternating with hikari pellets. It would...
  12. Damien808

    Rams fighting or mating?

    Well I know that one is a female because one has laid eggs. But recently I've noticed that they square off in the tank fully flared at each other then they kinda lip lock and spin around then they go back to they're sides. Are they both females or is this just normal behavior? Here's the...
  13. Damien808

    Cheap air pumps?

    Anyone know of a cheap airpump strong enough to run through a gang valve to power 4 sponge filters? Planning on setting up 4 10 gallons to breed stuff.
  14. Damien808

    am i fully stocked?

    this is a 36 in tank with a fluval 206 on it. i have 2 balloon rams, 11 neons, and 4 emerald cats. am i fully stocked or could i add more fish? just wondering I'm fine with the way it is but always good to know.
  15. Damien808


    Just late night playing around with some driftwood I had laying around. Need some opinions. I plan on breaking some lava rock into smaller pieces to add some rocks around and to cover the base of the driftwood(3 pieces ziptied together) does it look alright? I've had this fluval chi sitting on...
  16. Damien808

    Ram eggs?

    image Alright I got these rams not too long ago and I was wondering why they were being so defensive of the corner of the tank as of yesterday. I was looking closely and noticed a bunch of white dots on the substrate behind the rock and one of the two rams hovering above them. Are these eggs...
  17. Damien808

    Betta with popeye

    I've noticed in the last two days one of my two male Bettas in a divided tank has developed Popeye in one of his eyes. He hasnt eaten like normal(rushing to the surface)and has been kinda laying down. My other Betta is fine. Water parameters have been the same since they've been in there for...
  18. Damien808

    20 gallon tall

    Just finished scaping it not to happy with the point of rocks I had to use to weigh the drift wood down but it looks alright. Thing is don't know what to do with it now lol just been wanting to scape a tall tank and had no plan on what to stock. Any suggestions? image
  19. Damien808

    Garden soil

    Hi everyone I recently dirted a tank and upon further inspection of the bag it says it's organic garden soil not potting mix(the bags look exactly alike). I assume it's alright since it's organic and it's by miracle gro but wanted to be sure. image image Here's the tank
  20. Damien808

    Balloon Ram

    I bought two balloon rams two days ago and they haven't come out since I got them. They ate the first day but have not come from the back/corner of my tank. Is this normal?

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