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    1.5 Gallon Fish Tank

    I have a 1.5 gallon tetra make tank and for now I have a female betta in it but in the future what other fish can I put?
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    Healthy Fish?

    Can I know if my betta seems and looks ok since she did not eat and it has been a few days? What is happening. I am doing water changes and changing the water in the tank every week. In these pictures I am also acclimating her to the new water change I did, to see if this will mane help her.
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    How Big?

    Can I know if these little bettas are going to get big like this red one that I have of are they going to stay the same size?
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    Water Come Conditioner For Betta

    I want to know if I can use water conditioner for a female betta?
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    Female Bettas Together

    I have 4 female bettas but when I put them together one starts going after another one and fights her and then they both fight, but the one that goes after the one that it fights with is ok with all the other bettas what can I do?
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    Female Betta Has A White Dot On Her Stomach?

    Would it be possible to know what I can do in order for my female Betta to remove the white dot or do I have to breed her with another Betta?

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