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  1. TySabol

    My Cory Is Sick , Please Help Identify What This Is.

    Just saw my Cory like this today, I don’t know how to treat this.
  2. TySabol

    Need Some Help

    Somehow this fish got into my tank from a decoration he was hidden inside of, I believe he's a spotted talking catfish. Would he be suitable for a community tank because he needs to moved from my 75 gallon. He's very small and I have a crayfish in the tank he's in now and he's already caught him...
  3. TySabol

    Anyone's Ghost Shrimp Ever Turn Blue ?

    My ghost shrimp are turning a bluish green color. I've had ghost shrimp for years and have never seen this before.
  4. TySabol

    Can Someone Tell Me What Cichlids I Have

    I know the two are parrot cichlids but I think the pink and purple is a peacock but I might be wrong. I know the blue one is a demasoni but not sure about the orange one. Another pic of the orange one with I believe a jack Dempsey behind it.
  5. TySabol

    Buying A New 75 Gallon Seapora Tank , Worried It's Gonna Leak.

    I'm upgrading my cichlid tank to a 75 in about two days and is their anything I can do to make sure it doesn't leak, like add another layer of silicone. Had a 29 gallons silicone give on me and that was the biggest mess of my life. Really not trying to do that with a 75 lol.
  6. TySabol

    Looking For A Small Plant To Carpet My New Community Tank Build

    Upgrading my community tank to a bigger tank and I'm looking for a plant that stays very small but will carpet the whole tank. Preferably something that won't need CO2. I'm using seachem fluorite black and I have a really good led system made for growing plants.
  7. TySabol

    Anybody Know Why My Shrimps Are Doing This?

    Every now and then I come home to my shrimps all clinging to the heater at the top of the water, does this mean anything?
  8. TySabol

    Is Their Any Fertilizer That I Can Add To My Tank That Won't Effect My Shrimps

    . A few of my plants are starting to develop some brown spots after growing fine for a long time and I was wondering if their was maybe a liquid fertilizer or something I could add to the water to boost their growth up a little bit. I just ordered an upgraded light for the tank so this should...
  9. TySabol

    Anyone Know What's Happening To My Shrimps?

    My Amano shrimp are starting to turn blue, which looks really cool but I just wanna make sure that this isn't a bad thing .
  10. TySabol

    Cloudy waters taking forever to clear up , any tips ?

    Had two pieces of new driftwood in my 29 gallon tank (didnt know i had to boil the color out of them at the time) and now water is super dark brown , did a 6 gallon water change and the wood has been out for two days. Any reason why its not looking any better at all ?
  11. TySabol

    What species of fish is this ?

    I was told these are X Ray tetras but they look nothing like them. Im trying to do a little research on them but cant figure out what they are.
  12. TySabol

    Exo Terra Moss Ball is it safe for fish ?

    Picked up an artificial moss ball , just wanna make sure its safe for my fish before i put it in.
  13. TySabol

    Tangerine Lobster or Dwarf Crayfish ?

    Can anyone tell me if this is a mexican dwarf crayfish or something else , the store said it was a tangerine lobster but ive heard of alot of dwarfs being sold under that name
  14. TySabol

    Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp , any tips ?

    I have some sss grade coming in the mail any tips when it comes to breeding them ?
  15. TySabol

    Need to change my filters but don't want to remove to much B.B.

    I have a 40 gallon tank that's been running for about a month and a half and I change about 7 gallons out a week but water quality is starting to get bad. I have 2 Fluval 50 gallon filters and the inserts are really gunked up. I wanna change them but don't wanna cause damage to my fish by...
  16. TySabol

    Can I breed my Electric Blue Crayfish with a Zebra Crayfish?

    I have an electric blue crayfish and I'm looking to breed it with a zebra crayfish is this possible?

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