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  1. Allie Hunter

    Help What Is This!!??

    Ok so, I have a mystery snail, and one day we were cleaning the tank and saw these things on the tanks top. Are these eggs? They look squshie but are hard...
  2. Allie Hunter

    Question Is This A Bad Sign?

    I was watching my mystery snail eat her dinner and I noticed the curl part of her shell is broken and has a hole forming. Is her shell braking on her own or is she sick?
  3. Allie Hunter

    Question Shell Question

    Are mysteries snails shells known to shed or...grow? I noticed something strange about my snail's shell. She is eating and moving around just fine but her shell looks odd. I was thinking maybe it was growing but know I am unsure...
  4. Allie Hunter

    Help Is She Dead?

    Hey...before I let her join her fish friend in the giant pound in the my snail dead? She's been moving around I think but that could be just the water moving her body. I had to chang tanks cus my roommate needed the bigger tank to take her fish home...and in doing so took the heater as...
  5. Allie Hunter

    Question What's This Thing?

    What is this thing!!
  6. Allie Hunter

    Help Betta Fish Tail

    I don't know if it has always been like this, but I notice something a little...wrong with my Roommates new betta fish, his tail looks funny. He's swimming just fine but I'm still worried. Please help.
  7. Allie Hunter

    Rocking Back And Forth

    Why does my mystery snail rock back and forth? is she just scratching herself? or is it something far worse than that?
  8. Allie Hunter

    Help Mystery Snail Eating Itself?

    I am really scared!!! I think my snail is eating itself! can a mystery snail do that? I thought I saw it trying to nibble on itself.....all I have are bottom feeder wafers which I thought would be good for snails. I have had her from the beginning of September.
  9. Allie Hunter

    What's Wrong With My Snail?

    Please help... My roommate and I decided to get a fish for a dorm, we got a Betta fish ( Harold) and a gold mystery snail (Precious). We got a heater, betta leaf, smooth rocks, and a little decoration for our water pets and both were happy. But just as the cold weather settled in our heater...

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