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    Question Filstar Xp L

    Hi all Having a bit of trouble with my filstar. Little black button plug on the outlet side keeps blowing out, resulting in no flow. Does it need to be able to move or should we just silicone it in? We tried building up the ridges with teflon tape.
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    Pleco with a problem

    Thank you very much.
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    Pleco with a problem

    I don't see fuzziness just raw looking. Almost looks like he got scraped.image He's in a fresh quarantine tank now. I'll pick up stress coat tomorrow. I use Prime in my Tank.
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    Pleco with a problem

    image So Fred has a problem. This was just a discoloration a few days ago, and since he hides so much, I didn't catch this. He is now in a 10 g quarantine. What should I treat this with? I've heard salt but have no idea on dosing. Or would Pimafix or Melafix be a better choice? Any guidance...
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    Goodbye Fred my friend. You will be missed.

    Ginger and Fred are across the Rainbow Bridge in the most awesome freshwater habitat just waiting for your arrival one day
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    Angelfish jumped out of tank.

    Hey ya know, a cycled tank will always have some nitrates. I'm wondering if your tank crashed. What do you use to test? API master kit or strips. I would add some SafeStart. It took me almost 5 months to get a stable cycle on my 55 (I was given bad start up advice from local Petsmart) and had...
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    DAP Sealant?

    I'm using the GE silicone 1on my 125 reseal on the advice of a few breeders that have done many reseals. The caulk gun is easy to use but don't forget to puncture the tube or it blows out the back
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    Just a little time saving tip!

    Ha! That would be me
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    Your Biggest Aquarium Mistake

    Listening to the petsmart employee, "Oh yeah, just condition the water wait a week and get the fish." Next one, "Sure the tiger barbs can go in with neons, and the long finned roseys are great, too." Last one, same day," Yes, you can add them in all at once."
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    RIP Fuego

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your guy.
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    Need some help with a cat problem

    You've gotten a lot of good suggestions. It can take 3 or mre wks for a kitty to settle in. I don't know what you're using to clean the soiled area, but cat's sense of smell is mind blowing phenomenal so you need something like Nature's Miracle that will break down all enzymes and pheromones...
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    Animal Abuse - Coldblooded animals?

    AshWolff, I think you are an amazing person to take this on. Good luck with your project and educating those around you.
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    Sad day

    What a rotten way to start the day. Sorry to hear of your losses.
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    fine line between cruel and funny

    Hey y'all. I took PJ to MacDonalds today and was very surprised and a little shockedbybwhat I saw on the MacDonalds Channel (they have these TV's streaming video clips. They were showing "cute" videos of animals; this goes along with a thread yesterday about cruelty to cold blooded animals. They...
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    Pleco won't eat veggies or wafers

    My pleco lived primarily on flakes and algae wafers for 5 yrs. He passed away of unknown causes recently.
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    Animal Abuse - Coldblooded animals?

    I agree you need to focus. My college prof told me to focus on what I know for a similar project. At that time I was working with a group to prevent unnecessary extermination of praire dogs. Because these animals are not generally cared about I needed to find an angle that appealed to a wide...
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    Omg......i have a baby!

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    odd snail behavior

    Thank you everyone, he/ she is doing fine and is starting to grow. By the way, is it normal for their shellsvto look a little flakey where the new growth and the old growth meet? I have very hard water here but my algae wafers have calcium and I trybto encourage them to eat zucchini. I have...
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    Brand New: Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

    Welcome, and you're doing the right thing now. These guys held my hand thru bad fish store advice too. I pulled a dumb one with bad advice for 5, yes FIVE, years. We were told a common pleco, redtail shark and three barbscwould fit in a 10 gal. So you're not the first and won't be the last to...
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    Welcome to the forum. Very cool tank.
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    Hello Everyone! And thank you, Fishlore!

    Hey! Glad to have you here. Love the bug; we used to have a 73 super beetle cab.
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    Need suggestions on feeding snail more effectively

    Sounds like my barbs, put two pieces in at opposite ends of the tank...the old divide and conquer routine. Otherwise, I don't think my shark would get any. Lol
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    odd snail behavior

    I don't know. I just did my 30% change yesterday on the tank. Params areh 8.0, nitrates 20 (water has 10 ppm), nitrites 0, amm.0 Thank you for the response. I'm new to snails.
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    sucker for a sad story

    He was upset because he thought since she made it past 48 hrs, and appeared to be eating all would be well, but he understood that there may have been something wrong that we couldn't. He was just happy that for two days she wasn't bullied and could eat if she wanted to.
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    odd snail behavior

    I have a new tiger nerite snail that likes to sleep behind my filter. The odd thing is he goes completely above the water line. Is this normal?
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    Information about Municipal (Tap) Water

    Welcome to the crowd! That's good info to know; I've always wondered what the window was.
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    Nitrates in water

    Your water company should be made aware as well; it's their job to see that water coming from the tap is within EPA standards. Otherwise they should be providing you with bottled water from what I've heard. Good luck with this. I'll be very interested to see how it goes and what plants ypu get...
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    Feeling out of control...

    I get very impulsive when I feel scattered. I finally, after 18 yrs of dealing with fibro, figured out there are just days when decision making is not on my list. So I don't drive unless I have to and I don't go near any place that sells anything! Hang in there and take good care of yourself...
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    Nitrates in water

    Holy Cow! California and EPA only allow 10ppm. Out here in Wildomar, I have 10ppm present. I think I'd be calling your water board. That's flat out dangerous from whatbI've read.
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    Thank you everyone. I thought of the water and tested params were perfect. I had done a water change and prime just that morning and all was fine yesterday. I smelled Gary ,and then smelled them, they definitely had a smell. Kb, no worries take good care and you'll have the upper hand on life...
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    All my babies passed. I looked closer at the box and the corners were frinkled. Two of the babies shells had small cracks in them. The post office must have gorillas handling the parcels. The temp was probably ok before they got out this way, but it was 85 here yesterday and the heat packbwas...
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    best tankmates

    They have enough basic room, but not enough to move as freely as they were designed to. My redtail was in a 10 gal, before I knew better, and he is fine as well. Now that I know better what his needs are, and see how he was designed to swim, I would never think of putting a 5 in fish in a 10 gal...
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    Playing Hookie

    I'm rather indecisive so I chose a few: #53, #72,# 87,#91. Sora and Ziggi, I really liked both of those.
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    Newbie - Question on Controlling Algae

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Absolutely perfect

    That was great. I can hear it now, "Hey! NO wafer for you, fishie! And then, "Gottcha!"
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    Thanks Ken. I'm still hoping for the purple one, but he is still floating. Iwas so sad about the two light colored ones; they were so pretty. Maybe they got too hot because our weather changed. Maybe I'm too far.
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    All three of mine have been floating since I got them. I really haven't seen any definite movement. I've poked at the trap door and it will move a little, then they open only a bit. One looks like there is a slime coming from under the shell. Oh my poor babies. The box looked good, the heat...
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    I got my little snailies....are they supposed to float half way out of the water? I didn't notice an awful smell. They are now in a breeder cup on the side of my tank. Do they need sail jello or will they be fine with softened algae wafers once they wake up? What is snail jello? Lol, I'm such a...
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    Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    Well, thank goodness it has warmed up here; it's going to be 80 so I think theyll be ok. Dont stress.
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    RIP - Tiny tim the albino cory

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Tiny Tim; I was really rooting for him. At least you know he had the best in his short life..
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    New to fish

    Welcome to the forum. You've been given the best advice there is, but I'll add one note: smaller tanks can be hard to keep in balance when you have high occupancy and danios are little speed demons. Good luck with everything, and welcome again.
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    sucker for a sad story

    Sadly, Hidee, passed away this afternoon. I'm not looking forward to picking Pj up from the bus; he was so sure she would make it. She started floating on her side behind the filter around 11:30am.
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    Mike's Aquariums

    Amazing pics. My sweetie wants saltwater, but I told him he has to wait till I figure out fresh first.
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    Remember the trout?

    WOW! That is truly beautiful. I love wood working.
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    Playing Hookie

    I've used the car one, or someone needs me. But it usually comes around to bite me in the rump, so I don't ditch very often; if it doesn't my conscience gets me
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    Trying to find a new hood for my 10 gallon

    Hi and welcome. I don't know much about the plants, but I can tell you what I have. I have a Top Fin lid that had incandescent bulbs; I replaced them with 2 florescent bulbs from Petsmart. Theyare 50/50 from Aqueon 10 watt bulbs 50% 10, 000K daylight and 50% True Atinic Blue light. Not sure what...
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    Sudden Cory Death

    I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I'm pretty new at fishkeeping, so I can't really make a guess. Did you get them all from the same supplier? Could it be weak stock? I'm guessing you use the API master test kit instead of strips. Just asking questions that come to my meager informed brain. Could...
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    Help A request!

    I will absolutely say prayers for you and send good thoughts your way.
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    $ per gallon sale

    I was hoping that mine would have a 40 gal beeder but no luck. Maybe I'll check another store.
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    High Nitrate from the tap

    Well, I never said they were overly concerned about us. He he

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