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  1. Girlsbeforefish

    This is so horribly tempting....

    Im actually surprised they grew that big in that size tank, if infact they did.
  2. Girlsbeforefish

    Pond snails over-running my Shrimp tank !!

    How often are you feeding your shrimp and how much? Shrimp can be easily overfed and the excess food are then consumed by the snails. You control the population with how much you feed. I would first cut down on your feeding. Do deep gravel vacs to remove excess food. Then i would pretty...
  3. Girlsbeforefish

    10 gallon stocking

    In a 10 gal, i would do a trio of sparklers and a school of celestial pearl danios/ember tetras/ neons. I wouldnt add high quality expensive shrimp into a tank with any gourami. The shrimp may just become an expensive snack for your fish. The stock i would do would be something like 3...
  4. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Weird looking fungy thing?

    Even if i minimally feed my fish, wont the hydra feed on the fresh shrimplets?
  5. Girlsbeforefish

    10 Gallon Tank Hornwort

    Thanks for the clarification. Anacharis is a fast growing. It'll do fine in a tropical tank.
  6. Girlsbeforefish

    Adding a new goldfish

    Comets grow up to 8"+ and need a pond. In a 25 gal, they are more than likely stunted or will be if kept long enough. But im sure you know that
  7. Girlsbeforefish

    Plant on driftwood acclimation

    If you do not want to have tanins in your tank, you could boil the driftwood. Boiling the driftwood will extract most of the tanins out depending on how long you boil the driftwood. I boiled mine for 2-3 hours and that got rid of all my tanins. Boiling will also kill any snail eggs on the...
  8. Girlsbeforefish

    My new fish - worried about causing cycle issues

    I wouldnt do a water change right after new fish are acclimated. I would just add TSS and wait 2 weeks before another water change. Your fish wont suffer that much by just missing a few water changes.
  9. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Weird looking fungy thing?

    Thanks. Im glad it wont bother my rasboras or guppies. What im afraid of is that it'll eat some of my juvie shrimp or shrimplets -_-. Any other ways to treat besides to ways Wendy said?
  10. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Weird looking fungy thing?

    Yupp. Looks like hydra. Wooow. Oh god. Seems like im in some big trouble.
  11. Girlsbeforefish

    Help with cherry barbs please

    Nope. Water changes help with your water quality. It replenishes electrolytes, trace nutrients, minerals, etc that is used up by fish. Water changes will also remove a certain amount of ammonia/nitrite/nitrate depending on how large the water changes are and if you are in the process of cycling...
  12. Girlsbeforefish

    neons dying one by one

    If your 29g is cycled and establish, squeezing your sponge in the new tank will help. I would just add the sponge into the new tanks filter. That will cycle your tank faster. Maybe even give you an instant cycle if the bacteria colony is strong enough in the piece of sponge.
  13. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Weird looking fungy thing?

    They look like things from the saltwater world which i know little about. Ew. Any idea how to get rid of it?
  14. Girlsbeforefish

    Help with cherry barbs please

    Well it seems that your tank is not cycled. An uncycled tank is extremely dangerous for fish. The ammonia/nitrite build-up is hazardous to fish. It may permanently damage them or even kill. I would begin with a 50% water change with an ammonia detoxifier like Prime or NovAqua with Amquel+...
  15. Girlsbeforefish

    Newbie needing advice asap!

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! I would recommend a 20 gal long minimum if you want to keep the Glofish. They are spazzy and extremely active. Even if you dont want to keep the glofish i would recommend a 20 gal. You'll have more stability in your tank and more options for stocking as well.
  16. Girlsbeforefish

    Help with cherry barbs please

    Welcome to the forum, What are the current parameters? I would add another 3-4 more barbs to have a complete school. Being in low numbers is stressful for schooling fish like barbs.
  17. Girlsbeforefish

    Recently set up tank: injured betta

    Hello, Sorry to hear about your betta. I would normally recommend doing water changes to ensure pristine water conditions so your betta would heal faster but since your using TSS, i wouldnt do that. When my DG lost a few scales, his wound looked really weird. Kind of white-ish. For a week or...
  18. Girlsbeforefish

    driftwood process

    Hello, Do you want to get rid of all the tanins? If not you could just add it into your tank now. The added carbon will filter out some of the tanins but not all. Too get rid of all the tanins, i boiled my driftwood for about 2-3 hours.
  19. Girlsbeforefish

    new 30 gallon

    Serpaes are generally fin nippers in low numbers. With a school of 7-8, the nipping against other fish will be decreased. The nipping will be confined to their school.
  20. Girlsbeforefish

    Vertical Swimmer

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! If your fish is swimming vertically around the glass, I think what your experiencing is "glass surfing" or something. Fish usually do this when the tank is too small with little horizontal swimming space. Btw, i personally would not have a swordtail in a 15...
  21. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Weird looking fungy thing?

    Hello all, I've started to notice this weird little things on my gravel, tank glass, and even on my plants. What are these? Are they dangerous? P.S Move this if you will Moderators. Didnt really know where to put it.
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  26. Girlsbeforefish

    I Put the TSS In, I Took The Old Stuff Out, I Put The Fishies In...Now?

    I would let your tank finish its cycle first. Once you get stable readings of 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and measurable nitrate then and only then would i add more fish. After your tank cycles, you will not need to add more TSS with the addition of new fish. After you add fish, monitor your...
  27. Girlsbeforefish

    new 30 gallon

    I would personally not have the harlequins in the 10 gal. They need more space and more numbers IMO. You could however do a betta and the ottos in a 10 gal granted the betta doesnt mind tank mates. I agree that tiger barbs do best in species only tanks. They are aggressive and known to nip...
  28. Girlsbeforefish

    Good Community Fish for 55 Gallon Tank - Yet Another Stocking Question

    If you want a peaceful tropical community, bleeding heart tetras will work as the middle dweller. They grow to about 3" and you could easily do a school of 8-10 of those. They are stunning. As a centerpiece, you could try a pair of pearl gouramis. Maybe even a trio. For bottom dwellers, you...
  29. Girlsbeforefish

    Sand Question

    You may want to watch for a spike in pH levels. Aragonite raises pH.
  30. Girlsbeforefish

    100-400 gallon filter for a 56 gallon tank?

    I think the FX5 would be fine. The current may be strong but that can be easily remedied. Another option would be to buy 2 Fluval 405s. One on each side. But that may cost more.
  31. Girlsbeforefish

    5 Gallon Tank Need Help!!!

    How do you know if your betta wasn't stressed when the CAE was added? Or when you had corys? What makes you think she is stress? The way she acts? If so how does she act? Bettas often act different alone IME. I doubt your betta is stress living by herself. She may be bored but i doubt stressed.
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  33. Girlsbeforefish

    How Do I Acclimate shipped fish

    Its best not to have fish deal with any pH shock. Rise or drop. Severe swings are bad. I would just do as Akari said if you have air line tubing. But i would first float the bag in your tank for 15-20 minutes to allow the temperature in the bag to become equal to the temperature in the tank...
  34. Girlsbeforefish

    Betta rescue going badly

    If your betta is healthy, he will soon adapt to the current your filter is exerting. Most bettas have been living in cups for most their lives and as a result their fins have weaken because a cup has no current and no space to swim. As time passes your betta will adapt and get stronger. I hope.
  35. Girlsbeforefish

    Betta rescue going badly

    I would give him time. If he doesnt perk up in a few more days i would begin to worry.
  36. Girlsbeforefish

    Cycling 55 Gallon Tank - What can live with a Red Tailed Shark?

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! RTS are known to be aggressive and territorial and they roam around the bottom areas of the tank. Tetras, rasboras, livebearers and all compatible with RTS. If you decide to have bottom dwellers, be wary that the RTS may attack and possibly kill some of your...
  37. Girlsbeforefish

    Betta rescue going badly

    Is the tank heated to ~79*? Bettas are tropical fish. Cold temps can cause them to be lethargic.
  38. Girlsbeforefish

    Mysterious betta bloating at Night

    How did you cycle your tank? If your nitrogen cycle hasnt finished, your tank is not cycled.I would recommend daily water changes with Prime or NovAqua and Amquel+until your tank has cycled. (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, measurable nitrate) Almost all bacteria additives on the market today are junk...
  39. Girlsbeforefish

    my filtration

    Welcome to the forum!
  40. Girlsbeforefish

    How to tell different light bulbs and which one is better?

    Ive never even heard of T2 bulbs being used for aquariums so i cant comment on that. You will need a separate fixture to house T5 light bulbs. You can house T12, T10s, and T8s in a T8 fixture though.
  41. Girlsbeforefish

    Stocking a 15 gallon tank

    VitaChem is used by some people here. So is Garlic guard. Both are beneficial for fish.
  42. Girlsbeforefish

    Betta appears to be dying

    The heavy salt dosage could have severely damaged him. Is you pH between your tanks the same?
  43. Girlsbeforefish

    What happened to my tank?

    I would check your pH also. Adding the driftwood would lower your pH. Then doing a water change would rise it up to what it was. It could be the pH swing causing such an immediate affect.
  44. Girlsbeforefish

    Something's not right

    The ammonia present in the water, daily water changes with Prime is a must. Prime ammonia,nitrite and some nitrate for only 24 hours. So you would need to do another water change before the 24 hours is up. The ammonia may possibly have cause your fish to come up and gasp for air. I would add...
  45. Girlsbeforefish

    is he aging or consipated or both?

    2-3 years is quite long for a betta to live. Not counting the time before you purchased him. He may just be old.
  46. Girlsbeforefish

    Betta appears to be dying

    Did you dechlorinate the water? I forgot once and my better did exactly what yours did. But i luckily remembered after a few hours and he perked right back up almost immediately.
  47. Girlsbeforefish

    New 35g Hex

    Simple and elegant. Nicely done!
  48. Girlsbeforefish

    What happened to my tank?

    Welcome to the forum! If you have an undergravel filter, most of your beneficial bacteria would be in your gravel. Removing even 30% would most likely cause a mini cycle. If you had a HOB filter, you would most likely not be in the situation your in because the HOB filter media holds most of...
  49. Girlsbeforefish

    How to tell different light bulbs and which one is better?

    The numbers next to the "T" represents the diameter of the bulb. Each number is 1/8 of an inch. So a T5 bulb is a T8 bulb would be 1", T5 would be 5/8 of an inch. The HO in T5HO means high output. The smaller the diameter of the bulb the better because of the less space it occupies in the...
  50. Girlsbeforefish

    20 Gallon Tank Fish swap!

    That is why it is recommended to keep them in species only tanks. They are easily out-competed for food. I think your best bet would be to hand feed them. I would get 10-12 neons. I actually thought of sparkling gouramis when i saw your tank. I think a trio would be nice.

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