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  1. Allinone

    Question Ribbon Tail Guppies.!!!

    Can we produce ribbon tail guppies from normal guppies?
  2. Allinone

    Type Of Algae

    Can anyone help me to identify the type of algae on the picture and how to get rid of them? They are seen on water, glass and plant surfaces.
  3. Allinone

    Breeding Size.

    How long it take a flowerhorn(from its birth) to become mature and take to breed?
  4. Allinone

    Seperation Of Flower Horn.

    At which age we should put the flower horns seperatly to avoid the fighting?
  5. Allinone


    How long can we put the flowerhorn siblings together? When should we separate them? I had read that flowerhorns are very aggressive, so we couldn't put them together. I like to buy flowers babies. If we can put them together I like to buy two or three pieces. So please help...
  6. Allinone

    Send Photos Of Breeding Setups

    Friends... Can you please upload the photos/videos of your guppy breeding setups???
  7. Allinone

    Is This Daphnia?

    I got something from my aquarium. I think it's daphnia. Am I right? Can anyone help ?
  8. Allinone

    Is Water Hyacinth Good Or Bad For Fishes?

    I heard that water hyacinth depletes the level of oxygen on water. If we grow it in fish tank in a small quantity, will it harm the fishes?
  9. Allinone

    Do Anyone Had Breeded Big Ear Guppies?

    Did anyone had breeded big ear guppies? Is it easy to maintain the size of big "ears" on breeding? How many fries do we get from one delivery?
  10. Allinone

    Do Anyone Know It?

    We cannot buy female guppies from the local shop for creating a pure quality breeding line because they can be mated with different types of male guppies. If we have a virgin female of one type of guppy and if we buy a good looking male of the same type (only by looking, don't know its parents )...
  11. Allinone

    Is It Possible To Know It??

    I have some guppies brought from local pet store. They are cross of different strains. Is it possible to know the strain of parents of a guppy by looking a guppy without knowing their parents?
  12. Allinone

    Dividing Tank With Cloth..

    I don't got any plastic nets or anything to divide my tank. Is there any problem on dividing the tank with cotton or polyester cloths?
  13. Allinone

    How Can I Give Like

    How can I give likes and agree with others reply?
  14. Allinone

    Best Guppy Strain???

    Which guppy strain other than endler is easy to maintain on breeding in your experiences?
  15. Allinone

    What's This Near Guppy’s Tail?

    I got a new male guppy. And I noticed something near it tail. Do anyone know what this is...?? If it is a disease please give a remedy....
  16. Allinone

    Fancy Guppy For Beginners

    Which type of fancy guppy is good for beginners in your experience?Tuxedo white/Moscow blue/seven colour/half black/big ear/jet black/yellow sunset.
  17. Allinone

    Best Fancy Guppies For Beginners

    I am growing common guppies now.Which type of fancy guppy is good for beginners in your experience ? I would like to breed and sell them. I had grown some Albino full red guppies but it failed. So please help...

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