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  1. curly.haze

    Question Cascade or Eheim filter?

    Hi I'm from the uk and trying to decide which canister filter to go for? Like the look of the Cascade 500 but can't get them here. The nearest thing is the cascade 700 on offer for £40 but I can't tell if that will be too much for my 100litre tank?
  2. curly.haze

    Help Angel fish being atttacked

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of Angels that used to swim every where together and would lay eggs every 2 weeks and fan them together. I've noticed there hasn't been any of this for a month or so now. I was sad to see today that the male ( I think) has been darting into the female and taking...
  3. curly.haze

    Help missing loach

    hi I had 3 loaches when one went missing, turned out he got stuck inside the hollow of an orniment and the poor thing died. So that orniment was thrown away and replace with one that still had hiding holes but the loaches can always swim out. Unfortunatley another loach has gone missing...
  4. curly.haze

    Help Struggling to cure tetras

    I have 5 cardinal and 5 neon tetras, I have been struggling to treat the white spot for months now. I have raised the temp, added aquarium salt, medicated the fish and carried out regular water changes/gravel vacs I have a 95lt tank : 2 angel, 2 loaches, 6 platy and 10 tetras. the other...
  5. curly.haze

    Question Would a cichlid pair be suitable for my tank?

    Hi All, I have a 95 litre tank and was wondering if anyone could recommend a type of cichlid that would suit with my other fish. Also where i might find the information for that particular type? Thanks
  6. curly.haze

    Question Chinese Algae eater (sucker loach) care

    I am asking this question on behailf of my mum, she has a 30lt fresh water tank 2 fan tail goldfish 1 sucking loach 1 Fluval underwater Filter and just a lamp next to the tank. She would like to upgrade her tank to a slightly bigger better one and would like to know if the sucking loach...
  7. curly.haze

    Question Platy staying at the top of the tank?

    My 90 lt tank (1 month old)has: 3 plants 7 adult platy 2 fry from 4 weeks ago 11 fry born yesterday and 3 yoyo loach added yesterday Underwater Elite filter Heater at 27c Sun glo lighting in tank lid There is one platy that seems to hang out at the top and is not eating for the...

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