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  1. bigemrg

    My 15g Box Room Build

    Let me start off by saying that this isn't a new build as such, just a repurposing of my QT tank. For those who are interested, the following link describes the story so far... My 15g Quarantine Tank Build The tank is all glass and has dimensions of 24x12x13 inches, holding about 15 gallons /...
  2. bigemrg

    My 15g Living Room Build

    Oh dear, MTS has struck me down again! I'm afraid it was the Black Friday sale that did it. The £50 off the Fluval Flex 57 seemed like a great deal, and before I knew it, it had jumped into my shopping basket! Hopefully it will be arriving early next week. I'm not completely sure what I'm...
  3. bigemrg

    Ro Water + Tap Water

    I'm considering switching to using RO water because of the high amount of Nitrate in my tap water - 50ppm - but am a little confused about how to add essential mineral content back into the water. Would it be feasible to mix the RO water with my tap water to add the essential minerals back? And...
  4. bigemrg

    My 40g Living Room Build

    Having created build threads for the tanks I've set up since joining Fish Lore, I thought I'd create threads for the tanks set up previously! So, here we go... After completing the set up of my 55g in the living room at the beginning of the year, I really needed to set up another tank didn't...
  5. bigemrg

    My 55g Living Room Build

    Having created build threads for the tanks I've set up since joining Fish Lore, I thought I'd create threads for the tanks set up previously! So, here we go... Around Christmas last year I decided to come back to fish keeping after a break of about ten years. I got my 55g tank out of storage...
  6. bigemrg

    My 15g Quarantine Tank Build

    So, after a ten year break from the hobby, earlier this year I set up 30g, 40g and 55g aquariums - who said that there was no such thing as MTS? So far I've been lucky with stocking, which may have something to do with me using the same LFS for all of my fishy friends. I've built up a...
  7. bigemrg

    My Nitrate Lowering Water Aging Barrel

    So, I thought I'd create a thread explaining how I go about lowering the high nitrates in my tap water. As my tap water has about 50ppm of nitrate, it makes sense to lower it before adding it to my aquariums. My downstairs system involves an under sink nitrate filter kit made by POZZANI which...
  8. bigemrg

    Harlequin Rasbora Temperature Advice

    I've sort of got my heart set on a group of Harlequin Rasboras for my new 30g community setup. I've only had water in the tank for a couple of days and had been intending to keep the temp at around 23-24C. However, we've had a few warm days here in the UK and the ambient temperature is...
  9. bigemrg

    Pleco Id

    Hi, Was at a LFS earlier today and saw this white spotted pleco, and fell in love with it. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic but he kept hiding from me! None of the employees could tell me anything about it. I know there's not a lot to go on but does anyone know what type of pleco it...
  10. bigemrg

    Electric Blue Ram Gender

    Hi, Can someone please help me identify the gender of my Electric Blue Ram? Far from being peaceful this one's a bit of a bully so I'm assuming he's a male but it would be good to get confirmation. Thanks.
  11. bigemrg

    My 30g Bedroom Build

    It's happened again! I've caught MTS! I hope this tank will cure it! After being out of the hobby for nearly a decade I setup a 55g in my living room last Christmas. A 40g quickly followed, and I'm now about to start refurbishing my old 30g, which is in a similar state to the other tanks I've...
  12. bigemrg

    Shrimps For Community Tank

    Hi, I'm considering adding a few shrimp to my 55g community tank but have no experience of keeping them so am looking for advice and options. The tank is currently lightly stocked with: 8 x Rummy-Nose Tetras 6 x Bronze Corydoras 1 x Clown Pleco Water parameters are: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0...
  13. bigemrg

    Angelfish Stocking

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on stocking my 4ft 55g community tank with some Angelfish. I currently have a school of 8 Rummy-Nose Tetra, which I'd like to increase to 12-16, and 6 Bronze Corydoras and am planning on adding a Bristlenose Plec. Given that, would you recommend Angelfish for my...
  14. bigemrg

    Accurate Temperature Readings

    I see lots of advice here about keeping compatible fish in the correct temperature range, but how do you guys ensure that your temperature readings are correct? I only ask because I have two digital and four analogue thermometers and they all give different readings, differing by 3 degrees...
  15. bigemrg

    Buying Online In The Uk

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of purchasing stock online in the UK? If so, where from? Was it a good / bad experience? Were the fish healthy? Was it value for money? Would you do it again? I only ask because my local shops seem to stock the same variety of fish and very rarely change...

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