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    One of my guppy is either dying or giving birth and I am missing a fish

    Hey, I just got home from work and notice one of my guppy (they are females, but hey they can keep sperm for years so..) has a weirdly angled belly and she is breathing rapidly. I put her in a breeding net and turn off the lamp in case she is indeed having babies. The other strange thing is...
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    Unexpected baby fry

    Hello, the 2nd week of july I got 3 female guppies from my LFS. They're the only fish I have in my tank. I just got back from work and hour ago and there a little fry there swimming around. I only have ONE tank so I put it in a breeding net to avoid it being eaten by his mom. I wasn't expecting...
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    What should I do with the babies

    Hi, I just got a 3 female guppies from my LFS and one of them has a super dark gravid spot and looks bloated. She might pregnant. My tank is to accomodate that much fish if she is indeed preggo. What do I do with them? Do LFS take fries back?
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    My favorite platy died, no clue why

    My favorite golden platy died. I found her this morning hidden in her usually sleeping place but dead. I knew something was wrong when I opened the aquarium light this morning and only 1 of both fishes showed up for food.. First thing I did was to check my water parameters, which were fine...
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    Old tank syndrome

    Hello, I think my tank suffers from the Old tank syndrome. My PH has gone down to 6 and KH dropped to 0. I have read this article about old tank syndrome that says to do 10% water changes often. But saw a sticky post here saying to do 50% AT LEAST weekly? Which is it ? 10 until my tank issues...
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    PH and KH are dropping

    Hello, one of my smaller and more fragile fish died recently and I noticed that I can't seem to keep my water at optimal stats. My GH is 180, it always has been KH dropped to 0, it never happened before PH dropped to 6, usually it's always at least 7 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Basically I can't see...
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    Made of bunch of mistake and my established tank crashed

    Hi, I started my tank last summer. It's a 5 gallon filtered and heated tank with no live plants. There's only 1 golden platy in there. I know, I know, it's too small for a platy and she's probably lonely but I wanna stabilize this tank first instead of multiplying errors. Usually my tank does...
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    I have a cycled tank I want to convert to a live one

    So, I have this already running 5 gallons tank. It's been running since August 2014. It has a heater, filter, gravel, fake plants etc. but now that there's no fish in it I would like to use it to house a single Betta fish. I'd like to change the substrate for something more natural like maybe...
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    Platy has red staining

    A couple of months ago my golden female platy developed a rain stain on her tail. The size of a dime I would say. So I tested my water parameters. Even though everything was fine I did partial water change more often for a couple of weeks. I even medicated my aquarium to prevent the eventuality...
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    How can I replace my filter without destroying bio filter

    I have a little 5 gals tank with 2 small fish in it. I use the filter that came with the tank. A marina S10 slim filter. I have read that you don't need to replace filter cartridge unless they are falling apart if you don't need to remove medication. I do need to remove medication from my...
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    Getting rid of the T.C Tetracyclyn foam and coloration

    I treated my fish with API T.C Tetracycline last week. It turned by tank raspberry red and created disgusting foam up to 2inches. Despite doing a PWC twice in putting back my carbon filter, I'm still stuck with the horrid foam(which seems to be created around my filter because of water...
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    My fish are dying one after the other

    My fish keep dying and I don't know why. At first I had only a betta, in a cube with heater. Then I moved him in a 3gal with heater. Then bought a 5gal with filter and heater. I added one golden platy. My tank wasn't cycled yet and the platy died a few days later. Added a new platy. Then my...
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    Male platy lost all his tail fins

    I have a mickey mouse platy, male. He is shy. I also have a black sword in there and she is territorial and quite a . Last yeah I noticed that his tail fins were nipped a bit. But today I just noticed he only has a nub!! What can I do to help him? Update: I put him in a breeding net so he can...
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    Ammonia levels are sky high even with water change

    My ammonia level is really really high even though I did a 30% change this morning and put Prime and Cycle in the water. What gives? How can I make it go down?
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    Help One of my platy is staying at the surface

    Since 2 days my female platy just hangs out near the surface. She doesn't look like she gasping for air but just to be sure I increase my filter speed so more oxygen gets in there. I do 20% water change daily but today I did a 40% change to clean the gravel etc. The 2 other fishes seem to be...

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