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  1. Katkatt

    Help How Much Food For Goldfish?

    So I have a pair of regular, good old fashioned common goldfish in a big old tank in my house. They're both big babies, I got them from a fair when i was younger and dumber. They're about five years old each and about a hand length long (so about 5-6 inches?) I've been improving their lives...
  2. Katkatt

    Help Sick Swordtail?

    Does anyone know what’s wrong with my swordtail? I’ve been really busy the past couple of days and out of house (entrusting my fish feedings to my lovely mother) and I recently finished setting up my 55 gallon, which has four sword tails, three adult guppies and about five-seven baby guppies...
  3. Katkatt

    2.5g Filter?

    Anyone know a good 2.5 filter that won’t upset my betta? He’s kind of old and his old tank got damaged so I’m moving him into a 2.5 gallon. I haven’t had any good experiences with filters and 2.5 gallons, anyone have anything that won’t be too strong and won’t take up too much room in his tank?
  4. Katkatt

    Cheap Five Gallons?

    So... ever had that moment where your fish tank cracks beyond repair and now you have this big space where you have so much space to make a betta area? Yeah that. Anyone know an online store that has cheap-enough five gallons?
  5. Katkatt

    What's A Nerite's Diet?

    So I have a tank... that I needed to be cleaned daily because my roommate is fond of overfeeding my betta sorority tank... So I ordered ~30 nerite snails. Whoop. What's their diet?
  6. Katkatt

    Betta Sorority Help

    Y'all I messed up and bought four female bettas Anyone have a rundown or an artical on betta sororities? It's a 20 high
  7. Katkatt

    Shrimp Tankmate With Betta?

    So, for a while, I've been having an issue with food residue build up/algae build up in my 20 tall. I want to add shrimp to it, snails are out of the question because the lid has a huge gap in the back for the filter, but I have a betta in there? Its current tank mates are a school of neon...
  8. Katkatt

    Betta Shallow Breathing Bottom Of Tank

    He's been doing this for a few days now but usually he'll move to eat or go under his rock for nighttime- but I just did a 30% change in hopes of fixing whatever issue it may be. When I put him in the tank he heabutted the top of the water and quite literally sunk to the bottom, he still hasn't...
  9. Katkatt

    Betta Clamped Fins Treatment?

    So I recently got a brand new betta named Storm. He's currently in a cycled, heated 10 gallon tank, but if anyone's read my previous flurry of new threads questioning about traveling or otherwise, you'll know he traveled from a cup to a mason jar then six hours in a car in said jar yesterday...
  10. Katkatt

    Fish That Can Take A Nipping

    I have a 20-gallon tall tank with four guppies after one very nippy one took out my neon tetras... is there any fish that can go with them that can take the nipping/will finally put that guppy in his place?
  11. Katkatt

    Bottled Water For Tank Water?

    I don't have access to anything that allows me to purify and mineralize tap water, is it possible for me to use (nestle) bottled water instead for a temporary (jar) tank?
  12. Katkatt

    Meet My Betta Girl

    She's my first girl, since they don't sell female bettas back home (I'm visiting my great grandmother, poor dear). Meet Storm! I'm probably going to move her to a mason jar for the ride home once I figure out how to get suitable water (not much of an improvement but better than that little cup).
  13. Katkatt

    Betta 6 Hour Drive In Cup

    So I somehow came in the possession of a beautiful female betta... in a six hour drive away from my home. Will they be okay on the drive 6-hour home? Or do I need to impromptu ship them home? They're very healthy.
  14. Katkatt

    "fish Don't Have Feelings" (+a Story Of Betta Emotional Intelligence)

    I'll never understand that saying honestly... I guess the people who say it aren't fish keepers, at least toward bettas of all fish, because bettas are honestly some of my favorite fish and some of the smartest I'll ever meet. Here's a tale to tell of why I don't believe in this phrase. I...
  15. Katkatt

    Can I Keep Fish In A Plastic Storage Bin For Two Days?

    So in two weeks time, I'm taking a six-hour drive to visit my grandmother in Charlotte. And Charlotte has huge pet stores, of course, that's in comparison to the fact I live in a small town with only a half-baked Pet Supplies Plus that barely manages to keep its fish alive. But I digress, y'all...
  16. Katkatt

    Guppy Gender

    So I already know the genders of my fish but my family members are seriously arguing with me on this. I need a second pair of eyes. What are their sexes?
  17. Katkatt

    Tetras And Guppies Combo

    So I've been doing research and every site has contradicting answers, so I'm hoping to get something straightforward. Can I put guppies and neon tetras in the same tank, and, if so, how many can I have as a combination?
  18. Katkatt

    Leaf House

    So I just finished cleaning my goldfish tank and went to sit down at my desk when I realized that my betta's perch- which I put on this morning- had fallen down. So I got some gloves and came back to take it out when... I think he likes it anyway.
  19. Katkatt

    Horribly Sick Goldfish

    I'll come clean: I thought this guy was dead ((a little under) A MONTH AGO) and had straight-up disappeared out of the tank, that my family had taken him out because he died and felt too bad to tell me because they thought I'd be sad. No. One of two goldfish in my ten gallon (I know, I know...
  20. Katkatt

    Tank Filter Off Amazon Suggestions

    So twice now my guppies have gotten stuck on the tank hang-on-back filter and the first one who did die, the second one is resting in a net in the tank in hopes of recovering (no sign of internal damage, woot!). Any recommendations for a 10-gallon filter I can buy off Amazon (or a reliable site...

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