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  1. The Crayfish King

    Janet’s Antics

    At last, I return to FishLore with a new crayfish’s antics to chronicle! This is Janet, the orange P. clarkii. I’ve only had her a few days and she already seems very comfortable in the tank. She’s already taken after Simon and has started eating snails left and right.
  2. The Crayfish King

    Reggie The Mantis

    So a few days ago I found a praying mantis on campus, and took him home to my empty mantis habitat thing (the one time I didn't have my jar with me, so I had to hold him in my hands on the ride home, and he fought me the whole way home lol). He's already molted once, and eats like a champ lol...
  3. The Crayfish King

    Miss Muffet The Bold Jumping Spider

    So, a while ago my mom called me into the family room to kill this big black spider, so I caught it in a jar with the intent of killing it later, but I pretty quickly realized that it was just slightly too cute to mash, so I kept it in the tiny jar for a little while, and eventually moved it...
  4. The Crayfish King

    Supermarket Lobster?

    Hypothetically speaking, how big of a tank would a North American lobster need? Granted I'm in no position to actually get one, and definitely won't be for several years, but if the opportunity should ever present itself, I'd love to rescue one.
  5. The Crayfish King

    Unlocking A Thread?

    Can a mod unlock my thread "Henry the Leopard Gecko"?
  6. The Crayfish King

    20 Gallon Tank The Crayfish King's 20g Long

    I'm starting this thread mainly to talk about things that affect my whole tank instead of doing it in one of my threads that are dedicated to the antics of particular inhabitants. Here's links to the Antics threads, if you want to read through all that: Simon's Antics Luděk's Antics
  7. The Crayfish King

    Faster ways to heat up water?

    So, now that winter is here, it's a bit harder to get my bucket of water up to 76°. What I normally do after filling up my bucket with cold tap water (all the warm water in my house goes through the water softener, so it's got softener salt in it) is fill up the sink with 130°-140° water and...
  8. The Crayfish King


    So, in my college biology lab, we did an experiment about genetics with fern spores, and now that we're done with that, we got to take our baby sporophytes home. I've still got them growing in the Petri dish of agar, and I just want to know if there's anything I should do for them in the way of...
  9. The Crayfish King

    Starting college tomorrow

    So, tomorrow, I start college. I'm looking forward to it, but am a bit nervous lol. I'm super glad that my college of choice is literally 2 miles away from my house so I don't have to do any moving. Also RIP, my highschool mustache, (from The Big Bang, to about an hour ago)
  10. The Crayfish King

    Luděk's Antics

    This is a thread devoted to the antics of my Bolivian ram, Luděk. He is willing to go to any length and pay any price to steal food from my particularly placid crayfish Simon. Simon has never made any aggressive advances towards him and is slightly scared of him. He only tries to strike at...
  11. The Crayfish King

    The pond in my dad's yard

    So, there's a huge pond in my dad's backyard that was made by the subdivision. It's got crayfish, koi/goldfish, big turtles, leeches, frogs, and who knows what else. The water has very low visibility because of algae. Here's some of the crayfish: Here's some of the frogs: A skittish turtle...
  12. The Crayfish King

    That thing fish do

    When they're trying to get down a piece of food, but they keep spitting it up to break it apart, is there a word for that?
  13. The Crayfish King

    Super important questions

    If people lived underwater, would we keep fish in birdcages?
  14. The Crayfish King


    So, with all the pyrotechnics going on where I live, I've noticed that most of my pets don't seem to appreciate the noise, most notably, my dog, Bella. No big surprise there. She's scared stiff at the moment and is curled up tight on my lap. I've also noticed that with some of the closer and...
  15. The Crayfish King

    Simon's Antics

    So, last night, I finally got a new crayfish after being unable to get any due them being either only occasional stowaways or out of stock in the local places until yesterday. I was at a place that I know stocks them but I didn't see any, so I went about just looking at fish I wish I could keep...
  16. The Crayfish King

    Seymour's Golf Ball

    For those who don't know, I used to have a crayfish named Seymour who was in a very devoted, physical relationship with a golf ball I put in the tank as a joke. Since Seymour's passing, the golf ball has done pretty well, but I'm beginning to think that she's getting a bit desperate for...
  17. The Crayfish King

    Videos of my crayfish

    I've finally gotten around to posting these videos on YouTube, so here are videos of my first crayfish Sven, who I've barely mentioned on this forum, and Seymour who I've talked about on the forum before.
  18. The Crayfish King

    Are some fish resistant to ich?

    So, at my local petsmart, in one of the tanks, they've got neon tetras, zebra danios, leopard danios, otos, and guppies. I went in once on the day before they get their fish shipments, so the fish had been there for 1 week. All of the neons had ich real bad, but none of the others had any spots...
  19. The Crayfish King

    How did I not notice that there was a topic for dogs?

    So, here's my nearly six year old puggle, named Bella She's the laziest little thing, unless there's something with a beating heart in the back yard; she does not permit the possession of a beating heart in the yard. She's fast enough to to catch rabbits, and when she gets one, she guts...
  20. The Crayfish King

    There were no crayfish available

    So, all the local places don't seem to have had any crayfish for quite some time, and I got tired of having an empty tank, so I went out and picked up some neon tetras. I would post a picture, but they're all hiding behind the plastic log. They keep trying to get one individual tetra to swim...

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