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  1. bruh

    33 Gallon Stocking Question

    So I have a 32.5 Fluval Flex. It has a sand substrate with scattered river pebbles, aswell as a line of plants near the back, around 5 separate plants. My planned stocking is as follows, however I tend to overstock my plans so I'd like a second opinion. 10 Kamaka Rainbowfish 1-2 Panda Garra 6...
  2. bruh

    Rainbowfish In 33

    I have a 33 gallon, 32 inches long, and other then Preacox rainbows, what could I keep in it. I've heard wildly different tank sizes on alot of websites, so I wanted to get an experienced opinion.
  3. bruh

    Neolamprologus Ocellatus

    So I saw a picture of these little guys a few weeks ago, being Neolamprologus Ocellatus, and I instantly fell in love. However, I've heard widely different answers to stocking so I have a few questions. Would these fish be suitable in a 15 gallon tank, and how many? If they are suitable to this...
  4. bruh

    Question Experience With Calvus Cichlids?

    Just learned about these guys. They look pretty cool. Anyone on here have any experience with them?
  5. bruh

    Leopard Ctenopoma

    So I've read countless articles but because my lfs doesnt have experience with these fish I'd like some input. I'm planning to keep one in a 55 with upside down catfish and some sort of schooling fish. Thoughts? Ideas?
  6. bruh

    55 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    So. I'm looking into getting a 55 gallon tank, and I'm looking for stocking ideas. My requirements are they must be okay with plants and sand. Also, are pictus catfish possible to keep in a tank this small? Thanks.
  7. bruh

    Flowerhorn And Pleco

    If I were to put a juvenile flowerhorn in a 75 gallon tank with a juvenile Goldie Pleco, would they be able to live together? The pleco would have caves.
  8. bruh

    Goldie Pleco Tank Size

    I'm wondering about the tank size of L014, Goldie Pleco. Also other information if any of you have kept one.
  9. bruh

    75 Gallon Bgk

    Can it be done? Like no rehoming or anything as I get attached to my fish.
  10. bruh

    Rummynose Miscoloring

    So I have 10 Rummynose Tetras in my 29 gallon tank. I originally got 4 and they're all fine. But then later, about two weeks, I put six in. They had orange noses. I was informed it was because they were young but now they are the same size as my others when I bought them. They're noses are reder...
  11. bruh

    Is My Plant Dying?

    151866002628477114098 by bruh posted Feb 14, 2018 at 6:00 PM So I got this plant a few months ago and it was fine in the store. Leaves started to grow, the ones you see, then all of a sudden all the old leaves fell off. Yes I do have fertilizer and both my anubias nana and java fern are doing fine.
  12. bruh

    I Have An Old 5 Gal I Want To Stock

    Is it possible to fit a trio of guppies in a 5 gal?
  13. bruh

    Quick Beginner Question

    Do I need to buy a specialized scraper for algae or is there an alternative?
  14. bruh

    Best Cleaner Snail?

    I got a 29 gallon and I'm going to put some sort of snail in it to do some cleaning. Any suggestions?
  15. bruh

    How To Feed Your Less Aggressive Fish?

    So I have an angelfish and he is a very aggressive eater. I'm worried my rummynose tetras aren't getting enough food. Is there a way to help with this?
  16. bruh

    Is This Overstocked?

    So I have a 29 gallon (30" by 12" and something tall) with a few plants my current stocking is: 4 Rummynose Tetras 1 Quarter sized Angelfish 2 X-Ray Pristella tetras (Yes I know I should have more but they're leftovers from my old tank) And i want to add 4 or 5 more Rummynose and about 6...
  17. bruh

    What To Do During Power Outage.

    So in a couple days my power is going to go off for three hours. My question is what should I do while that's going on.
  18. bruh

    Multiple Angelfish In 29

    Can you fit two angelfish in a 29 gallon tank? Especially if their siblings and have grown up together?
  19. bruh

    Synodontis Petricola In 29

    So my lfs just got some of these catfish in and I instantly fell in love. Along with pictus, which i've been told, wouldn't be happy in my 29, these are some of my favorite fish. So here's my question. My tank is currently cycling but I can reserve some at my lfs, so if i can how many could I...
  20. bruh

    Pleco In A 29 Gal

    How many bn pleco s would fit in a 29 gallon? Clown or other less expensive types would also be good.

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