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  1. Rivieraneo

    Meet Sunny The Flowerhorn!

    Hello Fishlore! As I announced, our 7 year old flowerhorn passed earlier this week. We were devastated and to walk by our family room and to see an empty tank just made it even more depressing. So today, we drove down to a local specialty fish store and picked up a new red dragon flowerhorn...
  2. Rivieraneo

    !!Happy Fathers Day!!

    Hello, Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Fathers Day! Remember to call or visit that special someone today and thank them for all they have done. Ill leave you all with the following quote: "Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who...
  3. Rivieraneo

    Maracyn 1 and 2 - UPDATE

    Hello all! Here's and update I just received from Fritz industries regarding the Mardel Maracyn line of products: "Hi, Maracyn and Maracyn 2, along with the other Mardel products, will be shipping to distributors at the end of this week. So, they should be in your local stores by Dec. Be...
  4. Rivieraneo

    Knott's Scary Farm Haunt

    Hello Southern California Fishlorians! Any of you attend the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm ? My wife and I have made it tradition to go since the 90's and we have fun every year. Every year in August, we start getting excited knowing "The Haunt" at Knott's Scary Farm is only a few...
  5. Rivieraneo

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Junne Hope you have a great and happy day!!!! :;hb
  6. Rivieraneo

    Happy Birthday!

    :;hb Happy Birthday Alex Harne and bbw_luverly, have a lovely day!!
  7. Rivieraneo

    ID Algae - Planted micro tank

    Hello Fishlore, Question for the planted tank members, for the last few weeks, I've been researching and establishing a small planted tank. Background on tank: This is a 6 gallon Fluval Edge Aquaclear 20 HOB Via Aqua 50 Titanium heater (80F) Floramax substrate / Lava rocks hardscape...
  8. Rivieraneo

    Aquatop AT-300 Canister - 317GPH

    Hello Fishlore, I wanted to do a quick write on my recent purchase of an Aquatop AT-300 Canister filter. the filter is rated for 317GPH. I purchased the filter from for around $50 shipped, this will be replacing a Marineland Emperor 400 HOB that is on my 90G Flowerhorn...
  9. Rivieraneo

    Aquatop DS-200 215GPH Under $40

    Just picked one up on sale for $35 to get rid of my HOB in my flowerhorn tank and add a second canister. I will be going to 8x filtration to 6x, but still more than adequate:
  10. Rivieraneo

    5 Gallon Tank Fluval Spec V - Another Betta Bachelor Pad

    Forgot to introduce you all to "Leo." He came to us from _Fried_Bettas_ as a cull, but now had joined our fishy family. Plant order goes in this week, but so far, I dont think he's complaining with that tank all for himself. I'm not a big fan of the Asian themed bridge ruin, but my daughter...
  11. Rivieraneo

    LED Lighting for Medium/Low Light Large Planted Tanks

    I'm in the process of upgrading my florescent lighting in my goldfish tank and have been looking at many 48 inch LED fixtures as the plants i have in the tank currently are basic low to mid light level plants. If this tank was heavily planted, I would purchase a Finnex Fugeray Planted + fixture...
  12. Rivieraneo

    Poll: Aquarium Chillers in Freshwater Tanks

    I'm starting a poll to see who uses aquarium chillers to cool down their freshwater tanks during the summer. I live in Southern California, and in the summer, its not uncommon to go through a heatwave that tops close to 120F. From my knowledge, aquarium chillers are mostly used by the saltwater...
  13. Rivieraneo

    Fluval Edge 6 - Betta Paradise Tank

    Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, a few weeks back, I was infected by the "betta bug." Seems this bug is rather pandemic in nature and sadly many Fishlorians have become a statistic. In past when browsing private ads or browsing the isles at my local LFS's, i was the type of fish keeper always...
  14. Rivieraneo

    Aquaripure Nitrate Removal Filter

    This products seems to work well. Do we have any forum members who own or have used one of these ? Pricey, but in all seems to me they are quality built: Here are videos on how it works...
  15. Rivieraneo

    Thanks Mike!

    Mike, I just want to thank you for making this forum better continuously. Every time a forum member has a suggestion to improve the forum, you work your forum wizard magic and make the improvement happen! Most forum owners/moderators are not as attentive and accommodating as you are. You work...
  16. Rivieraneo

    FDA and The Use of Clove Oil on Fish

    I saw this on another forum, it's from 2007, but a good read.
  17. Rivieraneo

    I think im catching the betta bug... cough, cough

    So I've been contemplating starting a betta tank to keep in my office at work. I only plan on keeping one and wanted some opinions and recommendations on a 5 - 9 gallon tank. These are so far my favorites, thanks! junebug _Fried_Bettas_ Dondomingo endlercollector
  18. Rivieraneo

    Sigh.... You know you're getting old when....

    Sigh.... this brought back so many memories
  19. Rivieraneo

    First Egg Batch - Ranchu Goldfish

    Yesterday while doing a water change, I noticed that one of my male ranchus kept chasing and bumping Kiri, my female ranchu, who recently came out of quarantine after a water change issue. I also noticed that my male ranchu Kohana would peck at Kiri's rear. When i looked at Kiri, I noticed that...
  20. Rivieraneo

    Filtering your Tap Water for Water Changes

    After my last weeks fiasco with undissolved CO2 during my water change, I havent given up trying to achieve not using water containers to complete large water changes on my tanks. Having read forum members Berylla's write up on water changes. I've decided to add a filtration system to my python...

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