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  1. bettafanatic

    Empty 30g Stock Suggestions

    At this moment I have an empty 30g aquarium currently cycling. My plan is to heavily plant it but slowly. I've already ordered some hygro willows but nothing else. Still trying to decide on stock and want suggestions. I absolutely love albino Cory's and RCS so they are a must! But I cannot...
  2. bettafanatic

    Cascade 600

    Does anyone here use this filter and if so do you recommend it? Wondering how good it is vs a under tank canister. Thanks
  3. bettafanatic

    Goldfish Care

    Let's start by saying I haven't had an aquarium in a while and got rid of just about everything with the plans to be done until my daughter decided to bring home a goldfish from the fair. Not wanting to be like the typical mom who is put in this situation and throwing him in a bowl, I pulled out...
  4. bettafanatic

    Help Anyone Who Knows About Ferrets

    I just ordered my guy a new, bigger cage and it has a wire bottom overtop of a pull out bin so when he goes to the bathroom he won't lay in it. Well I also know cat liter is a no no for ferrets due to the dust can cause respiratory infections but if he isn't able to dig in it, there really won't...
  5. bettafanatic

    Smallest Rcs Tanks

    I want to see the small rcs tanks. I'm thinking about making a bowl into a rcs setup but not sure how great of a plan that would be.
  6. bettafanatic

    Bristlenose Yay Or Nay?

    So undecided. Part of me wants a bristlenose pleco and part of me doesn't. My current setup is a 30g with a lone betta. Opinions? I know I want something else but not sure what. Maybe shrimp instead? So undecided. My current setup is silk plants, sponge filters and temp of 80. I know plecos...
  7. bettafanatic

    Child Dumped Chemicals And Food In Tank - Help Needed!!!!

    Ok here is the deal. My 2yp woke up this morning before me and dumped every chemical and all fish food I had under my aquarium into my 30g. These chemicals include an entire LG bottle of water conditioner, small bottle of antibacterial meds, an entire lg bottle of algaefix (never used), my test...
  8. bettafanatic

    Refactometer Any Good?

    Has anyone used this refactometer and if so did you like it? Shopping around for equipment before I start setting up my aquarium. Thanks
  9. bettafanatic

    New To Salt Water

    Before I go crazy and start buying equipment for saltwater setup I need to know how hard a 30g would be to maintain? I've always heard with saltwater, bigger the better as far as stability; how true is this? Would a 30g be too small or difficult? All I want are some coral, an anemone, 2 clown...
  10. bettafanatic

    A Few Questions About Amano Shrimp

    Ok let me start by saying my tank is 30g moderately planted with albino cory cats, a few neons and a couple plattys. I want to eventually turn this tank into a rcs aquarium but waiting til all my fish die off except my cories so it could be later this year or a few years from now. No hurry but I...
  11. bettafanatic

    Is This A Siamese Or Chinese Algae Eater?

    I also can't remember which one is aggressive between the two. Thanks
  12. bettafanatic

    Looking For Ideas

    I'm looking for a cool flower pot/bed idea to plant my red tiger lotus in. I don't want to use a typical tera cotta pot but whatever I use has to be aquarium safe. I like wood, rocks and anything that is natural looking but it also has to be able to hold about 4 cups of sand for the roots to be...
  13. bettafanatic

    Can Someone Id This Fish For Me?

    Ok so a friend of mine is moving and had to rehome her fish. I ended up taking that last 3 that no one wanted just because I felt bad. One of them is an orange platty, one is a neon (at least that's what it looks like to me except it's bigger than the last couple neons I have from an old...
  14. bettafanatic

    Oto Is 30g?

    How many oto is a 30g? I used to keep them a while back but I had a 55g so not sure about the 30g. The only inhabitants I have are albino corys and it's heavily planted. Thanks
  15. bettafanatic

    Tricks To Catching Fish?

    I have been trying to catch my barbs in the 30g to be moved over to my 75g for 2 days now and I have only managed to catch 5 out of the 14. Usually I would remove everything from the tanks and empty most of the water but it's a heavily planted aquarium and I'm not trying to uproot everything...
  16. bettafanatic

    Does This Red Tiger Lotus Loom Healthy?

    I got this plant about a month ago due to the pure beauty. At the time it only had one leaf and was only a couple inches tall. Now it has grown a lot more than I expected in a short period and it has developed 4 new leaves but some of the leaves just look pale to me. Is this normal? (Please...
  17. bettafanatic

    Terrarium Filled With Water???

    First let me say i have no idea where this question belongs but I have an issue and have to move my turtle from the aquarium. All I have is a 40g reptile tank to use and was wondering if it will work? I already filled it with water and am not seeing any leaks but not sure how long it will...
  18. bettafanatic

    Corner Tank

    Does anyone know where I can get a corner tank and stand from? I have a 29g at the moment in my foyer but it looks funny where it's at due to overlapping with the window next to the door. I think a corner tank would look much better but the only one I can find is 54g which would be fine but the...
  19. bettafanatic

    What Would You Stock A 55g Fresh Water Tank With?

    I am currently resetting up my 55g and need suggestions. I have albino cories already that I want to move to this tank but not sure what else I want. I was thinking maybe electric blue rams but not sure if they are a good match for the cories or what I could add with them. I was also thinking...
  20. bettafanatic

    Getting Frustrated And Ready To Give Up On This Tank

    I've had my 29g for a while now and all it houses is one male Betta. This tank has given me nothing but problems with hair algae and I'm about to give up. I have only 4 plants in the tank now but would adding more plants help? I don't dose with anything as I'm assuming due to all the algae that...

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